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Kiting cruisers - Warfare & Tactics - EVE Online Forums

    Apr 28, 2014 · What t1 cruiser hulls make good kiting ships? Both to dps small ships and not lack firepower for larger ships. So far iv come up with a rail thorax and an arty/ac stabber. However iv never actually flown any kiting cruiser and would like to know which is more practical or if something else entirely is better (iv heard of the omen but that it ...

Solo PvP - EVE University Wiki

    Jan 01, 2020 · It is always an option to brawl as a Cruiser vs frigates, destroyers and even T3 destroyers. You’ll mainly rely on Medium Neuts and Webs to fight smaller stuff in scram range but always be careful, as a brawling cruiser you’re an ideal target for kiting ships. A duel between two brawling Cruisers will usually be decided by pure DPS/TANK ratio.

Decent kiting ship/fit : Eve - reddit

    Kiting null blaster Talos is always a fun ship. Cynabal is a very potent ship, even after the Angel speed kill. Tristans work well. Obviously I'm missing some. Brawling is more of my thing, but you may as well look into the caracal, because as far as T1 cruisers are concerned, it is cancerous with RLMLs.

Go Fly A Kite (in PVP) EVE Pro Guides

    Jan 29, 2012 · January 29, 2012 - EVE Online Guide, Featured, Fleets, PVP Guides, Survival Skills, Tactics, Tips & Tricks - no comments In EVE most tactics can be broken down into two types, Brawling or Kiting. Brawling is pretty simple, you go in close and you brawl until the end.

Rupture - EVE University Wiki

    Strong fitting skills and access to T2 autocannon (for kiting with Barrage ammo) open up some fast-moving shield-tanked PvP fits, which, oddly, work rather better in that role than the Stabber. Skills. Minmatar Cruiser to at least IV to properly take advantage of the Rupture's DPS buff that comes with every extra level in the skill.

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