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Firewire Vader Review - Kitesurfing Magazine
    Firewire Vader Review. DESIGN FEATURES: The Tomo Vader is the latest evolution of surfboard shaper Daniel Thomson’s early-planing hull designs. This shape is capped with a blunt nose and quad concave tail, with parallel rails and a concave bottom shape. Its other novelty is its completely symmetrical outline with a centered rocker line.

FireWire Vader 5'1" Review Kitesurfing Forums, page 1
    Firewire Vader 5'1" Review and other kitesurfing discussion in the Seabreeze gear reviews forums, page 1

2018 Buyer's Guide: FIREWIRE The Kiteboarder Magazine
    the vanguard is firewire’s original blunt-nosed board, followed by the vader and evo. WHAT CONDITIONS AND TYPE OF RIDER IS EACH MODEL BEST SUITED FOR? For years the Vanguard has been our flagship model and it was the pioneer that …

FireWire Vader Kiteboard - Felix Pivec // strapless ...
    2016-6-25 · About the Firewire Vader 5’1 – Test by Julien – I’m 80 kg for 1m87 (176Lbs, 6.2ft), the Vader 5’1 is my lightwind weapon (tri fins set) to complete the 5’3 Anti by HBsurfkite in my quiver. The Vader is perfect to rip in small to head waves with speed,

Review: Firewire Vader -
    En hij is er superenthousiast over. Zo enthousiast dat hij ons onderstaande review stuurde. Het is een verhaal dat erom schreeuwt gedeeld te worden. Na verkoop van mijn North Pro Series 5’11 (2013) bij Versus de Firewire Vader 5’1 gekocht op grond van lovende reviews van de Firewire Vanguard.

Firewire Vader Compared to Vanguard - Same, but Different
    The diamond tail on the Vader makes it a little looser than the double diamond tail of the Vanguard. The Vader is also about 1/8″ thicker and 1/8″ wider than the Vanguard at the same length. This could make the Vader more friendly when waves are under chest high. Long story short, the Firewire Vader is a more maneuverable version of the

2016 Buyer's Guide: Firewire The Kiteboarder Magazine
    For 2016, Firewire will be releasing the new Evo model. Where does it fit in your kiteboard line up and what kind of rider, in what conditions, is the Evo best suited for? The Evo is a new take on our original MPH designs like the Vanguard and Vader.

5'2 Vanguard Firewire review // Strapless kitesurfing ...
    2014-11-26 · was the first website to offer last year a test on the Vanguard Firewire 5’4.I knew at that time that this shape would be a hit… Now comes the test of the 5’2 Vanguard. I asked two experienced riders to give us their impressions of the Firewire kiteboard.At the end of this page you’ll find an action video featuring Felix Pivec on Vanguard and Daniel “Tomo

Sunova Vader 5'3" Kitesurfing Forums, page 1
    Rider: Weight 73kg,Level ,intermediate,advanced, kiting about 10 years. Style: Surf Weather: 13-25 knots Build Quality: 9.5/10 Satisfaction: 9/10 Disclosure: (paid full price) My Comments: My previous board was a 5'2 Vangaurd, I didn't really fall in love with this board - it was ok but IMO didn't live up to the hype that preceded it. When I went to order a FireWire Vader, they were sold out ...

FireWire Evo KiteSurfBoard -
    2016-10-18 · FireWire is the recommendation the board a number less than to drive the Vader. What to include clear with when we consider not only its own weight, but also the length of the body! At 190cm and 100kg, I can drive the 5.1er EVO, but something is missing in volume and I had the feeling sometimes to push the nose down.

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