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Kitesurfing Blog – Only the best of kitesurfing world videos..
    12 June 2020. ~ Kitesurfing Blog. Steven Akkersdijk shows us all the possible adjustments that can be made to a modern kite to adapt it to your style and preferences. An excellent lesson for beginners an excellent review for experts. Trim your KITE to PERFECTION // SA Masterclass - YouTube.

The History and Evolution Of Kitesurfing
    The kite is the most essential part of kitesurfing (duh!). The kites vary in sizes and shapes depending respectively on the strength of the wind, your weight, your level and the discipline you’re practicing. Any time you see a kite on the water, you can notice a number on the canopy of the kite that indicates its size in square meters.

Kitesurfing for beginners guide: Tips to get started
    To find out all about becoming a bona fide kitesurfer, we spoke to UK instructor Luke Denny, and three-time world wave champion and kitesurf coach, Kirsty Jones. Follow these tips and this'll be ...

The first time with Flysurfer Soul - blog LakeUnited
    Just in time for my birthday in early July, the forecast looked good for my first experience with the mat. The evening before I tried to 'prepare' the kite, which was not so easy with the many lines. Fortunately, these are marked with small flags (A, B, C, Z) and so laying out and connecting the bar is not as complicated as initially thought.

About The Kitesurf-Girl. Wake Up Stoked – The Kitesurfblog
    I learned kitesurfing in 2011, shortly after I finished my studies as a Graphic Designer, during a holiday in Cabarete, Dominican Republic. I was completely hooked from the first time I went body dragging and I loved it so much, that I simply stayed in Cabarete for a year, just to kitesurf every day while working as a kite …

Start kitesurfing: 10 myths that stop you from learning it
    Dec 28, 2015 · Kitesurf lessons are structured very clearly and every step is a bit challenging at first. That’s why you learn to put all the pieces together until you are doing the waterstart. Compared to windsurfing and surfing though – even if it doesn’t seem like …

Kitesurfing Equipment - A Beginners Guide to Kitesurfing
    Home / Kite Blog / Kitesurfing Equipment ... It is likely that when you first learn to kitesurf, ... You should also learn how to check for leaks when setting up your equipment for the first time. The Bar . Check that there are no cuts or frays in the lines. Both 4 & 5 lines are okay for learning however starting out with 5 lines is a good idea ...

Kitesurfing for beginners guide: Tips to get started
    Sep 17, 2018 · Everything you need to know about learning to kitesurf, from choosing an instructor to buying kit. TV. Events. Athletes. Products. Kitesurfing. Up your kitesurfing …

Choose The Right Kitesurfing School: A Beginners Guide to ...
    A very important step you might miss out on if learning for the first time from a boat in deep water is how to launch and land a kite alone on the beach as well as certain hand signals, kite set up and other important skills. This could become problematic when you decide to take your first kite holiday from the shore as an independent rider.

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