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Freeride Kiteboards - MACkite Boardsports - Kiteboarding,
    Freeride kiteboards need to be smooth riding, offer forgiveness, and lightwind performance. These boards are often favored by beginners as well.

Freestyle Kiteboarding Kites
    Freestyle riding is a more advanced style that includes looping or sending your kite while performing maneuvers. Handlepasses and mega-loops are common verbatim in the freestyle market. Kites that are popular in the freestyle world have top-notch unhooked ability, which involves creating tons of pop and allowing the lines to slack appropriately.

Freestyle Kiteboards - MACkite Boardsports - Kiteboarding,
    Freestyle Kiteboards Freestyle kiteboards have good pop, soft landings, and the ability to stay upwind in a contest area. Freestyle kiteboards often have the most technical construction and may be more costly because of this.

Freeride Kiteboarding Kites
    Freeriding in the kiteboarding world involves keeping things simple. Most freeriders have an intermediate skill set, which involves tacking back and forth, riding toeside, and doing some basic jumps. If you find yourself enjoying cruising downwind through different terrain or exploring backwater bays, freeriding might just be your style.

Top 5 Best Kiteboards 2020 Reviews (Thurso Surf, Slingshot)
    This year’s latest freestyle kiteboard is this lightweight and soft 2020 X Caliber wood by Cabrinha. For freestylers and beginners, this is the best kiteboard to use. Cabrinha is best known for their premium-quality kiteboards that provide the best performance.

Kiteboarding Packages Core Nexus Freeride/Freestyle Kite ...
    The freestyle mode increases your turn radius, stabilizes the kite for easier freestyle moves, and provides a little extra grunt. The Nexus comes out of the bag in allround mode which provides excellent depower, grunt, and hangtime.

Kiteboarding Boards Twintips
    North 2020 Focus Hybrid Freestyle / Freeride Twintip Kiteboard The Focus is a high-performance freestyle board precisely engineered to push the boundaries and generate ultimate pop for aggressive freestyle moves. Greater traction allows you to hold that rail and edge harder, while the geometrically stiffer backbone enables more controlled takeoffs.

Freeride vs freestyle kiteboard -
    Oct 24, 2013 · A freeride board can have some of those same characteristics but they are meant to just be easy and fun to ride. They usually have a bit more flex, a bit more tapered shape to cut through chop and make it more comfortable to ride and carve, and sometimes have a bit more rocker as well (but they are usually still pretty flat).

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    Freestyle is jumping and doing tricks by sending your kite. Freeride is just mowing the lawn.

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