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Kitesurfing Brazil: best kitesurf spots in Brazil
    With Freeride Kitesurf you can go kitesurfing in Brazil, one of the best kitesurf destinations in the world. Explore the best kite spots in Bazil +34 660 484 782 [email protected]

Kitesurfing Cumbuco: discover the best spots in Cumbuco
    Kitesurfing in Cumbuco: Freeride Kitesurfing takes you to explore the best kite spots around Cumbuco. Constant wind from July to January.

Kitesurfing in Atins - Freeride Kitesurf
    Kitesurfing Atins: Freeride Kitesurf takes you to explore the best kite spots around Atins and Lençois Maranhenses. Constant wind from July to December.

The Freeride Kitesurf Team – 2019 Downwind Adventures in ...
    Freeride Kitesurf specialises in organising unique downwind adventures and tailor-made trips along the coasts of Brazil, South Africa and Spain. Embark on an adventure of a lifetime and discover some of the best, if not the best unspoilt and uncrowded spots with unbeatable kitesurfing conditions.

Downwind Wave Riding Coaching trip in Brazil
    Improve your technique while exploring the best wave spots in Brazil Explore, Discover, Improve: Dates – 26th of October till the 4th of November This Downwind Wave Riding Coaching Trip is focused in helping you to improve your wave riding technique while discovering the best wave spots in the North East coast of Brazil.

Kitesurf holiday packages to Brazil - Freeride Kitesurf
    Here you'll find different kitesurfing holiday packages to Brazil. Come and find the best deal to the best kitesurfing spots in this destination. +34 660 484 782 [email protected]

Kitesurf Holiday Packages to Cumbuco - Freeride Kitesurf
    Thanks to its proximity to Fortaleza’s International Airport, Cumbuco has the easiest access of all the destinations in the northeast of Brazil. This summed up with its worldwide famous Cauipe lagoon, Cumbuco is one of the most visited destinations by kiters in Brazil.

Kitesurfing in Jericoacoara - Freeride Kitesurf
    Kitesurfing Jericoacoara: Freeride Kitesurfing takes you to explore the best kite spots around Jericoacoara. Constant wind from July to January.

Downwinds in Brazil - Freeride Kitesurf
    Downwinds along the Northeast coast of Brazil When it comes to Kitesafaris, Brazil offers the best and widest variety hands down thanks to its geographical location and trade winds which blow from July all the way through to January. In the northeast of Brazil you will discover a mind-blowing 1200 km of coastline kitesurfing downwind.

terminology - freestyle, freeride, wave, oldschool ...
    Feb 08, 2009 · Terminology - freestyle, freeride, wave, oldschool, newschool I'll give my version of what is what (for those not knowing). Freeride : Those riding and loving it, but not necessarily seeking "the ultimate" level. But want to have fun out there, no matter what their talents are Some love to cruise around. Some love to jump.

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