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Freestyle Kiteboarding: 10 Tricks That Will Make You High
    Freestyle Kiteboarding: 10 Tricks That Will Make You High 1. Back Roll (aka Back Loop). The Back Roll/Loop is a beginner freestyle kiteboarder’s first and easiest trick to learn. 2. Front Roll (aka Front Loop). Now that you’re comfortable with the Back Roll, it’s time to try the Front Roll... 3. ...

Freestyle Kiteboarding Kites - MACkite Boardsports
    Freestyle Kites. Freestyle riding is a more advanced style that includes looping or sending your kite while performing maneuvers. Handlepasses and mega-loops are common verbatim in the freestyle market. Kites that are popular in the freestyle world have top-notch unhooked ability, which involves creating tons of pop and allowing the lines to slack appropriately.

Freestyle Kites — REAL Watersports
    Freestyle kiteboarding kites are ideally suited to riders that like ride powered and push themselves to the next level. These kites are designed to excel when unhooked allowing you to dial in new school tricks or hit the park with confidence.

Freestyle Kiteboards - MACkite Boardsports - Kiteboarding,
    Freestyle kiteboards have good pop, soft landings, and the ability to stay upwind in a contest area. Freestyle kiteboards often have the most technical construction and may be …

Freestyle Kiteboarding - YouTube
    freestyle kitesurfing is a channel about kiteboarding and flysurfer and surfing The term surfing refers to the ac...

Freestyle - Kitesurfing Handbook
    Aerial tricks for freestyle include: Board grabs - grabbing the board edge with one hand Rotations - rotating your entire body 360 degrees or more while in the air Foot out - taking one foot out of a strap and replacing it before landing Board off - remove both feet from the board, holding it ...

Welcome to the GKA Kite World Tour!
    'Kite-Surf' is a combined wave and strapless freestyle discipline that aims to find the most complete surfboard rider.

Kiteboarding Kitesurfing
    Great crosover kite from freestyle to wakestyle. FS is surprisingly comfortable to ride as it effortlessly travels upwind, cushions gusts and also covers a huge wind range. With …

terminology - freestyle, freeride, wave, oldschool ...
    Feb 08, 2009 · 1) What are freestyle and freeride? Their differences? 2) What's the difference between old school and new school? I feel these are simple questions that are hard to find answers for. Perhaps this is a good article for kitesurfing wikipedia or FAQ. regards, Vlad

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