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Freestyle vs freeride snowboarding: What is the difference?
    Jul 17, 2017 · One of the main differences between freestyle vs freeride is the board. Differences in size, shape, position of bindings and flex make a snowboard more or less suitable for different riding. But it is very much a sliding scale from one extreme to the other, in the middle you’ll find all-mountain boards which are suitable for a bit of everything.

terminology - freestyle, freeride, wave, oldschool ...
    Feb 08, 2009 · The border between Freeride and Freestyle is very blurred of course... Wave : Well, riding waves... Waveboard or TT or Skimboard - anything goes here ! Then Freeride and Freestyle can be divided into - Oldschool : High jumps and simple clean moves, and some "showoff" tricks that dont score much in competitions, but looks cool to watch for the spectator.

Wakestyle Kiteboarding Vs Freestyle - MACkite Boardsports ...
    With the P1 freeride kite being added to the catalogue, the 2019 NV is made specifically for wakestyle riders. Slingshot: The 2019 RPM . The new 2019 RPM is another kite that has many freestyle characteristics.The bar pressure, the feedback, and the design …

Freeride Vs Freestyle? Kitesurfing Forums, page 1
    Freestyle is jumping and doing tricks by sending your kite. Freeride is just mowing the lawn.

Freestyle Kiteboarding Kites
    Freestyle riding is a more advanced style that includes looping or sending your kite while performing maneuvers. Handlepasses and mega-loops are common verbatim in the freestyle market. Kites that are popular in the freestyle world have top-notch unhooked ability, which involves creating tons of pop and allowing the lines to slack appropriately. These kites are also tend to be quick and nimble, allowing the kiteboarder …

wakestyle vs freestyle whats the difference ...
    Nov 21, 2012 · Or corse a good enough rider can still pop with hight if the kite is low on a freestyle boards, and boost and throw loops on a wakestyle board. Freestyle is a constantly changing style as judging styles change in comps, and the difference is getting smaller all the time, there may even be a day sliders and kickers are part of the PKRA.

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