Freestyle Windsurfing Moves

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Windsurfing Moves Continentseven
    More than 6000 windsurfing moves from basic to advanced, from flat water to waves, in normal speed and slow motion performed by the best windsurfers.

The best freestyle windsurfing maneuvers
    Freestyle is one of the most popular disciplines in windsurfing. Moves, tricks and (im)possible maneuvers have been invented in the past decades. The most experienced windsurfers are always trying to control the sail, the mast, the board and the wind, in incredible ways. The hardcore tricks can be ...

Freestyle Secrets: Part One - Boards Windsurfing
    The vulcan is the first step for aerial freestyle but you don’t have to start there, even messing around on a big board in light winds is great practice for freestyle moves. John Palmer at Baby Bay JOHN PALMER: The best thing about freestyle is you can start anywhere, in any wind conditions.

Bastien Rama at Lake Monteynard - Video Continentseven
    He doesn’t know anything about freestyle windsurfing. He films the moves just with his feeling. It’s crazy!” Bastien Rama lands wild freestyle moves on Lake Monteynard in the French Alps – Video. This might also interest you. chris 2020-07-15T12:16:00+02:00 July 9th, 2020 Subscribe. Notify of

10 Sick Tricks That Will Make You Fall In Love With ...
    Windsurfing freestyle is pretty awesome. There's a lot of scope for flying around, and even the beginner moves look pretty badass. Once you get past popping vulcans and front loops though, there's a whole world of surfing madness waiting to be explored. Here are just ten craziy tricks that have been pulled on a

    Freestyle, at one end of the achievable spectrum, is beyond the horizon for the majority of the windy populace – but at the other end … isn’t. For those looking to take their windsurfing beyond dry cornering, Harty gives you a rundown of tricks ancient and …

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