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How to do a Carving 360 with Kelly Slater - YouTube
    Dec 19, 2011 · Learn from the world's best through Surfline's Pro Tips, a complete how-to series created to improve your surfing skills. In this episode, we go over carving 360's with Kelly Slater. Become a ...Author: Surfline

How to do a frontside reverse 360 -
    In surfing, full rotations are relatively rare. However, when performed correctly, they often leave an exclamation mark on the wave. Learn how to pull off the frontside reverse 360. Waves are ridden in a unidirectional way. Surfers either go left or right on a wave. But that doesn't mean you can't perform 360 on the liquid walls.

Frontside Carving 360 - Pete Devries surfing trick tips ...
    Frontside Carving 360 - Pete Devries surfing trick tips . surf skate hike sup snow climb weather & sea condition free classifieds. Canadian surfing resources. surfing vancouver island weather & sea condition. weather & sea condition surf tofino surf south isle.

Frontside and backside - Wikipedia
    Frontside and backside are surfing, skateboarding, snowboarding and aggressive inline skating terms that are used to describe how a person approaches an obstacle or performs a certain trick. In Aggressive Skating, frontside and backside are types of grinds.. Frontside and backside indicate either the front or back of the rider under the following circumstances: Regardless of which board sport ...

Stomp Sessions Skateboarding Frontside 360
    In this tutorial Cole shares, for the first time ever, the details to learning a fan favorite trick he's known for around the globe - 360 Ollie. As he mentions, this is a tricky one. Some people like doing snowboard style, some people do them Jeremy Wray all awesome and some like Dashawn Jordan.

How to do Your First Frontside 360 - Beginner Snowboard ...
    Nov 19, 2014 · Tips for doing your first frontside 360. The front 360 is an iconic snowboard trick and a goal of a lot of riders who are just starting to learn tricks. To help you land this snowboarding trick I'm going to break down each part of the front 360, show you how to bring it all together, and go over a few common mistakes.

How To: The Frontside Hack SURFER Magazine
    Apr 07, 2014 · The Professor, Bam Bam Bacalso, making some noise with his frontside hack in Hawaii. Photo: Frieden. While airs and whips have come to define modern progressive surfing, we’ll never stop appreciating a good old-fashioned power turn. And when it comes to turns of the manly variety, Hawaii’s Kekoa Bacalso has the market cornered.

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