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Surf Tips: How to Do the Frontside Air - Sawflow
    The frontside air is now considered a basic maneuver in surfing. This move, in our opinion, is one of the most challenging yet easiest air to complete. Before you attempt to perform this maneuver, you should get ahold of your floaters, cutbacks, and re-entry’s down. This would allow your frontside air to be as solid and as stylish as possible.

How To Do Frontside Airs - YouTube
    Nov 05, 2013 · Surfing - Steps To Learning A Basic Air - PT 1 of 4 - Duration: 7:56. iSURFTRIBE 89,797 views. 7:56. 3 KEYS TO ANY FRONTSIDE AIR - Duration: 4:37. surfprotechniques 4,386 views.Author: SURFER

Stomp Sessions Surfing Frontside Straight Air
    Learn a pro favorite maneuver in surfing - The Frontside Straight Air. This is Josh's personal favorite air in surfing, which makes this tutorial even better for learning this maneuver. A key aspect he emphasizes to getting Frontside Straight Airs is avoiding too big a bottom turn and not loosing

Frontside Air - Pete Devries surfing trick tips - Surfing ...
    The frontside Air is considered a basic maneuver in today's new school era of surfing, and although, in my opinion, it is the easiest air to complete, it is still very challenging. Before attempting this maneuver you should have your cutbacks, floaters, and re-entry's down, and your surfing …

How To Frontside Air - House of Surf
    Loz is also a passionate life coach over at and full-time wood nymph. She's a Gypset on a mission to cultivate a conscious lifestyle - by design.When away from her laptop, you can find her, in the surf, hugging trees and philosophising whist sipping her chaga tea.

    Cory Lopez explains how to do a proper boost

Stomp Sessions Surfing Frontside Air Reverse
    Learn your Frontside Air Reverse from the creator and commissioner of WSL RedBull Airborne - Josh Kerr. In this tutorial, Josh teaches you step by step how to dial in your airs and the popular Frontside Air Reverse. With his incredible pro insight and digital drawing on the screens of this tutorial,

How To: The Air Reverse SURFER Magazine
    Mar 10, 2014 · A textbook air reverse from Dusty Payne. The wave, the stance, the grab, the rotation, all fully dialed. Photo: Frieden. I know, we all hate watching air reverses. But we all still dream of the day we actually stick one. Dusty Payne was kind enough break down the intricacies of the air that’s come to define modern progressive surfing:Author: Jeff Mull

How to do an aerial in surfing
    Frontside punts are accessible to the average surfer. Old school surfers were not trained for aerial surfing, so they had to learn with the younger surf generation. Today, surf magazines love to show aerials on their covers. The first aerial featured on the cover of a surf magazine was scored by Kevin Reed in December 1975.

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