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Cutback Surfing; Insanely Useful Guide For Beginners ...
    Surfing Cutback Frontside Tutorial . Step 1: Generate enough speed on your take off, and begin to eye your path towards the shoulder of the wave. Step 2: Begin a shallow bottom turn and transfer your weight to your back foot and place it near your tail kicker.

Surfing Turns and Maneuvers-How To Do Basic Surfing Turns
    The Frontside Cutback The cut-back maneuver is used when you need to get back to the power source of the wave and done right it can look good too. The cutback, like with most surfing manoeuvres, the cut back needs to start with speed, so you can get your board on it's rail.

Surfing Tutorial: How to do a Backside Cutback - YouTube
    Feb 09, 2013 · The backside cutback is stable for any advanced or competitive surfer. Aside from being a stylish surfing maneuver the backside cutbac acts as functional maneuver to link multiple surfing tricks. One of the bests ways to perfect the heel side cutback …

Frontside Cutback - Pete Devries surfing trick tips ...
    The Frontside Cutback. The frontside cutback is a move that is used by surfers of all skill levels. The cutback allows you to use the rail of your board, and brings you back to the source of the wave where you can generate more speed for your next hit. Like every other move in surfing the frontside cutback starts with speed.

How to Cutback with Style when Surfing
    A cutback should be used if you are entering a flat section, where the wave is backing-off. Continuing down the line will result in a loss of speed, but a good quality cutback will maintain speed while returning you back to the more powerful part of the wave. When done properly, a cutback can look amazing.

frontside off the lip or fins out - Pete Devries surfing ...
    Frontside off the Lip. The frontside off the lip is a great move because it gives the same weightless feeling you get from an air. It involves hitting the lip and kicking your tail out the back of the wave to release your fins. Timing and balance are critical throughout the entire move because when your fins release out the back you have no ...

SURFER Magazine - Surf News, Fantasy Surfer, Photos, Video ...
    Surfing News Live-Stream Surf Events Will Officially Be Back This Fall . WSL to run a two-event “Grand Slam Of Surfing” set for September and October in Oz

The complete list of surfing tricks and maneuvers
    Roundhouse Cutback The roundhouse cutback is one of the most beautiful and most popular maneuvers in surfing. It is usually performed in small waves without much wall, and it allows the surfer to return to the curl gaining maximum speed and amplitude off the top, with a figure-8 surf line.

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