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    KITE. Face it, you’re hooked. You wouldn’t be here if you weren’t. You’re in good company with Slingshot. We’ve been addicted to kiteboarding for as long as it has existed; it’s what we frame our lives around and what drives us to keep doing what we do best.

2018 Slingshot Fuel Kiteboarding Kite

    The original instigator of the Mega-Loop, the Fuel is the influential kite that lit the fire for the entire “King of the Air” movement. Riders who choose the Fuel choose it for good reason- it’s hands down (and shorts down) one of the most explosive, adrenaline-pumping kites ever produced.

Slingshot Fuel Kites, Slingshot RPM, Rally, Octane...

    The Fuel though does offer the ultimate in simplicity, 4 lines, no bridle and lots of fun …. Overall. 11 years in the making and the kite is really at the pinnacle of achievement in terms of development. Despite the market moving away from C kites Slingshot stayed true to the cause and the 2012 Fuel is …

How to Choose a Kiteboarding Kite The Definitive Guide

    Slingshot FUEL , Slingshot RPM Surf: Your focus is in the waves; surfing, slashing, rallying down the line and carving back up to catch another set. You need a kite designed for downwind drift and built to take a beating if it gets tumbled in the surf.

How Much Does Kiteboarding Gear Cost? – Kitty Hawk ...

    The car is reliable, easy to drive, fuel efficient, and has a high safety rating. But wouldn’t it be more fun to get the faster, more luxurious, brand new Lexus? Perhaps comparing kiteboarding equipment with car brands is a bit of a stretch, but it’s a good analogy to give you an idea of why there is a difference in product and price.

Kitesurfing Reviews and Tests Free Kitesurfing Magazine ...

    Kitesurfing reviews and tests at your finger tips. We have in depth written articles and video footage for each kitesurfing review and test. Read what we thought …

Kitesurfing/Kiteboarding in ChicagoChicago Kite Surfing

    Kitesurfing in Chicago. Starting in 2011 the Chicago area was completely new to kiteboarding. When we at Chicago Kitesurfing go out to Montrose or Michigan City to kitesurf, we are usually swarmed by jetskiers, windsurfers and others asking questions about what this sport is …

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