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The Future of Surf Endless Surf

    May 13, 2020 · As the saying goes, “necessity is the mother of invention” and so, in the 1990s, along came Tom Lochtefeld, the brains behind FlowRider. When he invented the world’s first sheet wave, his goal was to bring the feel of surfing to anyone in the world.

The greatest threats to the future of surfing

    Water pollution is one of the biggest threats to surfing in the upcoming decades. Offshore drilling, plastics, untreated sewage, and toxic agricultural runoff keep destroying the oceanic ecosystems. Offshore drilling, plastics, untreated sewage, and toxic agricultural runoff …

The Future of Surfing Surf Camp Australia

    The development of Surf Ranch and other innovative artificial wave pools has helped push surfing straight into the 2020 Olympics. The consistency of the man-made waves is perfect for competition and in turn is why the committee has chosen to build one for the competition in 2020.


    Jul 06, 2016 · Whether you like it or not, artificial waves are going change the future of surfing forever. With the creation of Kelly’s perfect wave, we’ll soon have thousands. And the more waves that exist in the world, the more waves for everyone – in both the ocean and in the pool.

What Does the Future of Big Wave Surfing Look Like ...

    Others were a bit more outspoken about the future of professional big wave surfing. Here is some input from a few of the faces you’ve seen on the Big Wave Tour over the past couple of years. Sebastian Stuedtner (dedicated Nazare tow enthusiast, former Big Wave Awards winner)

Is This The Future Of Aerial Surfing?!! Flying High in ...

    Jul 29, 2020 · The surf world has been exploding with footage from the BSR Surf Resort in Waco, Texas … Where the progression of aerial surfing is going off. The GOAT, Kelly Slater, dipped a toe in the pool.Author: World Surf League

Surf Park Central Surf Parks: The Future of Professional ...

    It’s the future of surfing; well, for the sport of surfing, anyway.” – Jack Freestone, WSL Men’s Championship Tour competitor during Red Bull Unleashed contest at Surf Snowdonia. “This is so sick.” – Tyler Wright, reigning 2-time WSL Women’s World Champion during the Future Classic at the WSL Surf …

11 Core Surf Trips POST-COVID! World Surfaris

    The hard surfing, big wave charging World Surfaris Ambassador Dave Scard (Scardy) went there decades ago. It so ticked all his hard core surf trip boxes, that he returns year after year each July. Living in a National Park on the edge of the jungle, surfing world class waves in warm water – yup, ticks most of our boxes too.

Future 6 Helping Hand A non profit organization ...

    Future 6 Helping Hand Fund, Inc. is a 501.3C organization that was founded in 2012. Future 6 is comprised of local business owners and residents that understand the importance of mentorship and positive influence while equally sharing our love of surfing and …

Futures Fins US

    Letty drops a disco-infused intergalactic surf part to distract you from your current Covid-filled news feed. Filmed over 4 trips; France, South co...

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