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Solo kiting frigate in enemy territory (for FW noob) - EVE ...

    Jan 30, 2013 · Slicer (Amarr faction frigate); Not exactly cheap, and requires T2 fittings, but it is the quintessential easy-mode kiting frigate. With pulse lasers and Scorch, its optimal range is upwards of 18-20 km, and it's lightning fast.

Minmatar Alpha Clone PVP Frigate Fittings EVE Pro Guides

    Sep 20, 2016 · Minmatar Alpha Clone Frigate PVP Fittings. PVP Slasher: [Slasher, Alpha FW] Damage Control II Small Ancillary Armor Repairer, Nanite Repair Paste. 1MN Monopropellant Enduring Afterburner Balmer Series Compact Tracking Disruptor I, Tracking Speed Disruption Script Fleeting Compact Stasis Webifier Faint Epsilon Scoped Warp Scrambler

Solo PvP - EVE University Wiki

    Jan 01, 2020 · AFs are arguably now the dominant force in FW space. They can enter small plexes, and combine the agility of a frigate with the tank of a Cruiser when the Assault Damage Control module is active. They are an extremely difficult fight for any other frigate or T1 destroyer.

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