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General Vezax - NPC - World of Warcraft
    General Vezax Yogg-Saron Celestial Planetarium Algalon the Observer Strange creatures known as faceless ones lurk in the depths of Ulduar. One of their mightiest commanders, General Vezax, guards the twisted passages leading to the Prison of Yogg-Saron. Overview General Vezax is one of the few bosses in Ulduar that don't change phases.

Generale Vezax - PNG - World of Warcraft
    kiting it around, has a slight learning curve but has the benefit of saving healers mana ... General Vezax is a faceless one, just like Herald Volazj and Darkspeaker R'khem. General Rajaxx is a qiraji. Both faceless ones and quiraji are serving the old gods. Quiraji serve C'thun, and faceless ones serve Yogg-saron. It seems, that the old gods ...

General Vezax Boss Strategy - Green Pools and Black Pools ...
    General Vezax is the 12th boss in Ulduar, found in the Descent into Madness guarding the Prison of Yogg-Saron. Vezax features a very difficult component where mana-based classes cannot regenerate mana through any means - not from normal regen, Replenishment, potions, or anything else. This raid-wide debuff is called Aura of Despair. The only forms of mana regeneration currently allowed are via …

Giant Crabmonster Kiting Competition - YouTube
    Jul 27, 2020 · Az egyik viccesebb wipe General Vezax-on az Elders és Elcsusztam a YoggSaron guildek társaságában.Author: CaptainSix

Divine Intervention: General Vezax Recommended Strategy Guide
    General Vezax strategy basics will be a tank and spank one, with 2 "DPS Breaks": One when he needs to be kited, and the other one when his add spawns (read below).

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