Generating Speed Backside Surfing

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    Feb 04, 2017 · In this video SurfProgression Techniques describes how to generate speed backside. Also, remember to get the 3 Key Techniques Kelly Slater uses to Perfect Your Pop-up by clicking this link. http ...Author: surfprotechniques

Generating Speed and keeping it while Surfing
    Pumping — generating speed by moving up and down the face of the wave in a smooth flowing motion. Try to work the top third of the wave to generate speed and to get down the line. As mentioned, it's this top part of the wave that enables you to create all your speed.

Creating and maintaining backhand speed - YouTube
    Mar 23, 2014 · HOW TO GENERATE SPEED SURFING BACKSIDE - Duration: 5:09. surfprotechniques 16,991 views. ... Surfing Secrets Lifting the Leading Arm - Duration: 7:07. Taeho Kim 48,010 views.

Generate Speed – 110% Surfing Techniques
    Generating Speed from 110% Surfing Techniques on Vimeo. With the Summer season easing off, today has been the first day back working on 110% Surfing Techniques Volume 4. Here is a clip from Volume 3 on how to generate board speed; use more downward force on your back leg to propel you up the face. Newton's third law; For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. #surftips #surf # ...

Angled Take-Offs & Generating Speed - Cornish Wave
    Generating speed gives a whole new lease of life to your surfing and is a definite sign your surfing is reaching its next level. Generating speed means making your surfboard move faster through manipulating the wave face, your body movements and parts of the board – combined, and in rhythm you will generate horizontal down the line speed.

Tofino Surfing: Speed on a Backside wave
    Getting speed on a backside wave is a little more difficult than getting speed on a frontside wave, but you follow the same idea. All you have to remember is to stay high on the wave, and you'll have success getting all the speed you need to make sections.

    The increased vision and weighting abilities produced by backside foot rotation will have an instant effect on your surfing. A second secret quickly follows this incredible foot rotation revelation.

How to improve your backside surfing - Surfertoday
    Backside surfing is always relevant, even if you don't enjoy it. It has been hailed as the Achilles' heel of many surfers. How good is your backhand in all wave conditions? Do you dedicate enough time to riding waves with your back to the wall? For many surfers, backside surfing …

Learn to Nail Your Bottom Turns while Surfing
    There are two types of bottom turns, the frontside and backside bottom turn. You are trying to accomplish the same thing regardless of whether you're surfing frontside or backside. The key is to hold onto your speed and generate a smooth, powerful transition with your turn. The smoother the better!

    Nov 08, 2017 · KNOWLEDGE - SURF TECH - BACKSIDE BASICS. ANALYSE Let’s analyse it further; backside prone surfing is all about opening the shoulders to the turn, so of course there is a natural tendency to take a hand off the paddle and open out the arms to feel that same technique to drive a SUP board through a turn.

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