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George Freeth Biography and Photos SURFLINE.COM
    George Freeth was the world's first professional surfer. This is the Surfline George Freeth biography.

George Freeth American surfer Britannica
    Other articles where George Freeth is discussed: surfing: History: …London and the Hawaiian surfers George Freeth and Duke Kahanamoku. After visiting Waikiki, London published several accounts of surfing in popular American magazines; in 1907 the American industrialist Henry Huntington hired Freeth, whom he billed as the “man who can walk on water,” to help promote his new railway line…

George Freeth: King of the Surfers and California's ...
    Freeth's greatest virtue was his willingness and ability to teach and share the exceptional talents that he possessed. His generosity, integrity, and kindness influenced all of those around him. In an age when the ocean was to be feared and avoided, George Freeth introduced surfing to southern California.

George Freeth - Father of Modern Surfing
    Jul 02, 2013 · George Freeth – Father of Modern Surfing. George Freeth was a renowned surfer born on 8th of November 1883. He is often referred to as “Father of Modern Surfing”. It is not confirmed whether he was from America or Ireland. According to some reports, he was born in Oahu and his mother was a part-Hawaiian while his dad was an Irish.

George Freeth Redondo Pier
    George Freeth was born in Honolulu November 8, 1883 of Royal Hawaiian and Irish ancestry. As a youngster he revived the lost Polynesian art of surfing while standing on a board. Henry E. Huntington was amazed at Freeth’s surfing and swimming abilities and induced George to come to Redondo Beach in 1907 to help promote the building of “The ...

If not for George Freeth, where would surfing and ...
    Oct 25, 2019 · George Freeth, who helped introduce surfing and lifeguarding on the mainland, was an instrumental part of Southern California beach culture. A talk in …Author: Gqlshare

Freeth, George - Encyclopedia of Surfing
    Freeth, George Colonizing surfer from Honolulu, Hawaii; referred to in his time as the first expert Caucasian surfer, and long regarded as the original American surfer after his 1907 wave-riding demonstrations in Southern California.

Heroes of swimming: George Freeth Swimming The Guardian
    Jan 31, 2014 · Heroes of swimming: George Freeth Anyone ever saved by a lifeguard owes an unspoken debt to this Hawaiian surfing pioneer, who popularised modern techniques of rescue and resuscitation Saviour ...

George Freeth - surfresearch
    George Freeth, Spinning in on a Swift One, 1907. As accredited when published in The Hawaiian Gazette, Honolulu, June 28, 1907, page 6. The photograph accompanies an article by Ford extolling the surfing …

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