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How to Get Sponsored in Surfing -
    How to Get Sponsored in Surfing Surf Bigger & Better. It’s pretty straightforward: the bigger you go and the harder you charge, the more attention... Get Results. Surfing local contests is a great way to spark the interest of local industry people, especially if you’re... Put Together a Resume. Take ...

How to become a sponsored surfer
    But for this to happen, a professional surfer that is sponsored by multiple brands needs to have the following attributes: 1. High-quality surf skills; 2. Good physical appearance; 3. Education, studies and good manners; 4. Healthy lifestyle; 5. Strong, determined and ambitious personality; 6. Good ...

How To Get Sponsored In Surfing - SBSboards
    Lots of sponsored surfers make a living on social media by promoting themselves and their sponsor, which in turn helps keep their lifestyle funded. Surfers like Craig Anderson, Jamie Obrien and YouTubers like Ben Gravy now make a living from posting out surf clips full-time, because they have found their audience.

How to Get Sponsored - SURFER Magazine
    Jul 22, 2007 · Get born right now. Considering surf companies are on the verge of slapping stickers on babies’ bare asses, there has never been a better time to be a grom. “If a kid can do a cut back they’ll sponsor him,” says NSSA ripper, Oliver Kurtz. “I’ve seen kids at like seven or eight get sponsored.” Youth is powerful weapon in the surf industry.

How To Get Sponsored - SURFER Magazine
    Jul 16, 2013 · Hopefully you didn’t start surfing to put stickers on your board, so if it doesn’t happen for you, it’s not the end of the world. You’re still a surfer. Start Local If you’re looking for a sponsor, the best thing you can do is to start with your local surf shop. Keep it local. Surf a ton. Get on your high school surf team.Author: Jeff Mull

Stab Magazine How to Get Sponsored
    Brazzos are going to take over surfing. They dont give a fuck who sponsors them, just look at the sponno brazzos, their boards looks like a nascar car. Brazzos are more humble (except for gabs) and have more respect that the little shit face snot nose entitled cunts coming …

    There are a few ways to go after landing a sponsor. My first sponsor when I was a grommet was a local surf board manufacturer. The guy surfed the same beach as I …

Get SPONSORED for SURFING is a whole new approach for surfers wanting to find a surf sponsor. Founded by me and my surfing based agency Vantage Management, is using 20+ years of knowledge and contacts in the surf industry to help all talented surfers.

    It turns out less than .1% of athletes make it into their "sponsorship circle". While many have the dream of going PRO the reality is, it's tough. Big companies looking to sponsor treat low level riders like dirt. They are only nice enough to them so they will make a purchase.

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