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How to do the Vulcan with GetWindsurfing - YouTube
    May 16, 2013 · Episode 8: FAST TACK, tacking on the wave board, how to, tips technique tutorial windsurfing - Duration: 10:04. TWS Tenerife Windsurf Solution 142,057 viewsAuthor: GetWindsurfing windsurfing coaching

How to do a vulcan in windsurfing - Surfertoday
    There are three critical stages when performing a vulcan: the pop, the rotation, and the slide. 1. Head across the wind and find a small chop; 2. Slide the front hand forward on the boom close to the mast; 3. Make sure your back hand sheets the rig in; 4. Get your feet in the foot straps; 5. Adopt a body stance that keeps the board flat; 6.

GetWindsurfing - Vulcan & Spock - Boards Windsurfing
    The Vulcan. The Vulcan is considered by many as the entry move in to the world of aerial freestyle. To break it down; you pop the board and aim to rotate 180 degrees downwind, land sliding backwards and as the board slide slows start sailing back the way you came. Here are a few of our “top tips” to help you learn this cool trick.

Vulcan Windsurfing Aerials Technique Tutorial by Royn ...
    The Vulcan, also known as the Air-Jibe, is one of the most direct ways to make the transition from one direction to the other. This is usually the first advanced move a freestyle sailor learns and is unquestionably the progenitor of almost all the new-school maneuvers including the …

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    To Vulcan, you and the board spin around 180 degrees ish. The board turns by the sweeping action of your backfoot (and the nose digging into the water halfway round). Practise this movement in the security of a private room or belted on a dance floor.

The Windsurf Loop: Flaka (or Grubby?) before Vulcan?
    The vulcan you can basically conclude from a jibe in the footstraps, which is much easier than any of the other "preparing" moves for the grubby (downwind 360, speed loop) or the flaka (upwind 360, gecko). The vulcan is, after all, only a 180 degree turn, and you don't have to jump the board further around than about 130 degrees.

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    This Exercise is a game changer! Focus on the transition of the sail from hand to hand. Perfect for learning or improving Tacks, Gybes or freestyle such as Vulcans or Spocks #GetWindsurfing #windsurf #windsurfing #training #train #coach #coaching #trainathome #windsurfingathome #windsurfathome #home #practice #learn #howto #tack #tacking #gybe #gybing #jibe #jibing #vulcan #airgybe #airjibe …

Real time wind & weather report Vulcan - Windfinder
    This is the wind, wave and weather report for Vulcan in Alberta, Canada. Windfinder specializes in wind, waves, tides and weather reports & forecasts for wind related sports like kitesurfing, windsurfing, surfing, sailing or paragliding. These are the real-time observations from the weather station at Vulcan.

2 - Vulcan [Freestyle Windsurfing] on Vimeo
    Sep 13, 2013 · Series 4 - Episode 2 We spent 3 weeks in Ortakent, Turkey with top windsurf coach & Instructor trainer - Sam Ross. Thanks to Neilson Holiday's for cracking… 2 - Vulcan [Freestyle Windsurfing] on VimeoAuthor: Life Cinematic

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