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Surf tip - what to do when you are caught inside
    Nov 23, 2016 · Beginning surfers may face the challenging situation of being “caught inside” a set wave with a longboard. By “caught inside” we mean being in between the whitewater of the broken wave and the beach. A little whitewater is easy to handle, but a big wall of whitewater can be pretty intimidating and even potentially dangerous.

How to avoid getting Caught Inside in Surfing! Atlantik ...
    I’ve experienced getting caught-inside many times in my life and I knew this could happen. But nevertheless I didn’t reach the Line Up either ! I was struggling to get to the Line Up and I had a surfer on my left paddling-out next to me as he had already finished a wave. We both got caught inside by set waves and current.

caught inside - Encyclopedia of Surfing
    Getting trapped on the shoreward side of an incoming wave, or set of waves. Many surfers feel that being caught inside is the worst thing that can happen during a heavy swell, in part because it forces the surfer to contemplate, sometimes for a minute or more, the approaching wave as it gathers and looms. A big-wave wipeout, by comparison, happens all at once.

What to do when caught inside by a huge set
    When you find yourself caught inside by a huge set, let your experience and cold blood handle the situation, and come out unhurt. You can, however, avoid and reduce the number of wipeouts that put yourself in dangerous situations. For example, why don't you let the first waves of the set go unridden, particularly in extreme conditions?

Surfers caught inside massive waves - HOLD YOUR BREATH 2 ...
    Jan 14, 2019 · This Might Be the Prettiest Footage of Surfing Giant Maverick's We've Ever Seen - The Inertia - Duration: ... Surfers caught inside massive waves - HOLD YOUR BREATH 4 - Duration: 10:33.Author: SuRf, GaMe & Action

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