Getting Fit For Wakeboarding

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Top 10 Wakeboarding Exercises Discover Boating
    1. Jumping Rope 2. Pull-Ups 3. Frog Hops — Straight 4. Two-Footed Step Jumps 5. Frog Hops — Angle 6. Hanging Leg-Ups 7. Pole or Rope Climb 8. Single-Leg Box Jump 9. Standard Box Jump 10. Chin-Ups

Wakeboard fitness wakeHQ
    Wakeboarding is definitely no exception. The pull from the cable or boat will place a lot of strain on your shoulders, back and core, so it's vital you warm up the muscles and joints to prevent any injuries.

The Perfect Wakeboarding Wake - Learn to Adjust and Tweak ...
    Your goal is to consistently get a great wake so it is always the same and you can focus on new tricks, bigger air, and having fun. Here are some things to think about (and maybe adjust) when trying to get the perfect wakeboarding wake: 1). Line Length - Using the proper line length is a big part of getting the perfect wake. You want to be jumping the wake where it is crisp, before it turns to whitewash.

Wakeboarding Tips - Towing Speed, Rope length & How To ...
    Getting the right tow speed, meanwhile, will help you learn and progress safely. And finally, riding with the right wakeboard rope length will help you learn new tricks and get the most out of that awesome wake you set up. Read along and we’ll get you ready to ride. How to …

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