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Getting into the Footstraps - Boards Windsurfing
    Getting into the front footstrap 3 . FRONT STRAP TECHNIQUE Rig Forward & Body Back Sail across the wind in controllable conditions or slightly upwind in more challenging winds. Sit back and over a bent back leg to un-weight the front foot. As you do so, extend the front arm to keep the rig forward. Simultaneously slip the foot into the strap.

How to Windsurf - The Footstraps
    Hi Arne, I had always tried getting my front foot before the back foot and always failed, it seemed the straps were too far back. With your advise I managed to get my back foot and sail for the first time in the straps. It felt great especially with the waves, I could steer the board while surfing.

Footstraps - Jem Hall Windsurfing Clinics
    • The back foot is placed behind the front straps and facing across the board. The front foot faces forward and is towards the mast foot. ... Really work on getting in the straps whilst non-planing. Pull down on the boom and keep your weight forward and pop that front foot in and then go for the back strap. ... Go to the right spot to get the ...

    • When looking to get the relevant foot in the strap ensure the weight is on the other foot and the mast foot through downforce. DRILLS FOR THE SKILLS The common misconception in windsurfing is that to progress it is all about planing and windy sessions.

Tips for getting into footstraps Windsurfing Forums, page 1
    Tips For Getting Into Footstraps and other windsurfing discussion in the Seabreeze general forums, page 1. Forums > Windsurfing > > General. ... If you find getting the back foot into the strap too scary you can keep your back foot on the centre line in between the straps or even put it in the opposite strap (from the centreline) just to give ...

Stance - Windsurfing Tip - Starboard Windsurfing
    Mar 23, 2020 · Often our windsurfing stance is held back by what we think it should look like. This video explains what the best body position is to get ourselves going, wave riding, blasting, going faster or even just getting in the foot straps.

How to Planing in the Footstraps on a Windsurf. Basics ...
    Bring your feet closer to the straps — the center of your front foot should be touching the front strap, and your back foot should be right in front of the back strap. 4. If your board's stopped planing and is now moving to broad reach, then quickly take your front foot off the board and gently place in into the strap.

How to get planing on your windsurfer – Pritchard Windsurfing
    Keep your back foot between the straps so you have a pretty wide stance. Most people don’t get the front foot far enough forward and the board rounds up into wind and they can easily fall off. The other key factor is keeping the rig away from you- let the sail pull you onto the board and with your hips up in light wind get your body weight ...

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