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Getting into the Footstraps - Boards Windsurfing
    Now you’re getting to grips with the harness, it’s also a great time to look at getting into the footstraps; Simon Bornhoft continues his Basics technique series, catch up with previous instalments by clicking here. FOOTSTRAPS Being secure in the straps is wonderful feeling and the basis of stronger wind windsurfing. At first it can […]

Getting into the footstraps on a windsurfing board - Basic ...
    Getting into the footstraps is one of the fundamental skills of windsurfing. Water Start – Chris Pressler An easy way to get on the windsurfing board if the board is too small to uphaul the sail.

How to get planing and use the foostraps - YouTube
    Feb 26, 2015 · Using footstraps in windsurfing! Getting into planing with an easy and simple guide. - Duration: 8:18. Kyriakos Giakoumaros Windsurf Coaching 12,765 views. 8:18.Author: GetWindsurfing windsurfing coaching

How to get into footstraps in windsurfing - Surfertoday
    In light winds, you don't need footstraps. And with footstraps comes the harness. You must be sailing in Force 4 winds (11–16 knots), hooked in, to effectively use straps. Getting into the footstraps requires patience and training, but you'll be doing it after a dozen attempts. Ideally, you'll fine-tune a smooth transition into the straps.

How to Windsurf - The Footstraps
    Been dabbling in windsurfing for about 2 months now and can plane relatively consistently in the harness but have been having a lot of trouble getting myself into the footstraps. The idea of “Think of it as trying to get your front arm elbow to the mastfoot while holding on to the boom,” sounds awesome and I’m going to give it a go next ...

Tips for getting into footstraps Windsurfing Forums, page 1
    Plus Remi from The windsurfing Shed gave me a great deal on the Exocet :) It sounds like a good plan would be to see if I can get the funster planing in higher winds and get into the more inboard footstraps on it - and then once proficient - try to imitate on the Exocet.

    One of the main strategies for early planing is to embrace the 3 T’s: • Temperament – you actually believe you will get planing! • Timing – to get planing in the most suitable area of the water (e.g. enough flat water between waves) and in the right amount of wind. • Tuning – ensure you are in tune with your head, hips and hands and the huge effects their positioning can have on ...

This is the correct sequence for getting into the ...
    Much of the windsurfing public have tuned their kit to be most comfortable when they’re not in the straps, which ruins their chance of getting into the straps altogether. The most common mistakes in tuning for footstraps (and in general) are: Boom too low. Unless you’re under 5’4”, your boom should be in the top half of the cut-out.

Footstraps - Jem Hall Windsurfing Clinics
    I use this quote when coaching a lot so people take ownership for their planing. The wind will do what it wants but it is us who can take actions to tune our board, body and sail, be positive and be active in getting planing. Kit: Generous straps to allow feet into the footstraps smoothly.

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