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What Size Wakeboard Do I Need? How to Pick the Right One ...
    Nov 28, 2019 · Getting the right size wakeboard is important for a good time on the water. While there’s no exact science to sizing your board, following the guidelines will ensure a good match. Let’s repeat the basics so that you don’t have to wonder, “What size wakeboard do I need?” Your weight, height, and skill level all influence the equation.

Wakeboard size chart - wakeboard buyers guide
    Wakeboard Buyers Guide. The Wakeboard Size Chart will help you choose the right wakeboard length, but to buy the right size wakeboard, right type of wakeboard, and the right bindings for your age, weight, and skill level depends on many factors. The wakeboard size guide is only an estimate.

Choosing The Best Wakeboard Size Using Height and Weight ...
    Apr 03, 2018 · There are a couple of key elements when choosing the best wakeboard size: the height and weight factor. The Weight Factor in Choosing the Best Wakeboard Size. The most common reference in finding the right wakeboard is the manufacturers’ specifications guide. These are often posted on the manufacturer’s website or printed on the product labels.

Wakeboard Size Chart - Surfertoday
    What size wakeboard should you buy? Our size chart will help you choose the right board based on your weight, skill level, and riding style. First of all, you have to choose the board that suits your body type, ability, experience level, and riding style.

Wakeboard Sizing Chart and Buyers Guide The House Helpdesk
    Getting the proper sized wakeboard and bindings is very important when you are on the water. A wakeboard that is too big will feel heavy and hard to maneuver, while one that is too small will sink further into the water and feel somewhat unstable. Bindings are the most important part of your whole wakeboard setup.

Buying a Wakeboard? - Everything you need to know - Board ...
    Feb 02, 2016 · Different Rocker types explained - What size is best - Cable Vs Boat and where to buy. I really hope you find this helpful and if it did give it a thumbs up! Thanks so much for watching. Dave.Author: David OC

Picking the Right Wakeboard – Skiforce Australia
    Getting the Right Wakeboard Length. There are two key factors that go into making sure you get the right size wakeboard. Firstly is your weight, as you need greater surface area to provide you with the float you need to sit higher on the water. Secondly is your personal riding style, this can always be taken into effect as some people naturally ...

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What size wakeboard? wakeHQ
    Next steps to choosing the right size board. So in summary, my best piece of advice would be to get down to your local wake park or lake and try out 2 or 3 boards within your size range from the table above. Where to buy a wakeboard. See our list of shops selling wakeboarding gear to find one in your area. As well as choosing the right size ...

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