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Gin Gliders: paraglider design and manufacture Gin Gliders
    In 2018, GIN paramotor team pilot Dan Burton discovered some of the possibilies of Jordan as an adventure and cultural destination. With the possibility of a return on the horizon, here's a lookback on the original story. Read more. 2020-05-24

GIN kiteboarding - The kitesurf and travel blog
    The Swiss company Gin has been making gliders for a long time, GIN gliders for paragliding. With that knowledge in the pocket, the step to start making kites were taken some, and since January 2007 GIN also makes kitesurfing gear. GIN claims that they are a riders company, the kites are developed and made by kitesurfers.

    GIN kites split from the paragliding activities and Fabienne Kaufmann founded the brand GIN KITEBOARDING, with its HQ in Switzerland and a brand new logo. A full team is now working for the Kiteboarding brand to bring innovative and durable products to the market. 2013 - CREATION OF BLUE BOARDSPORTS SA

GIN KITEBOARDING - The Swiss Kite Brand
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F-One Diablo 2016 Kite King of Watersports
    The experience of this collaboration has enabled us to quickly build a kite that has already placed F-ONE team riders on the podium of international competitions. The collaboration between F-ONE and GIN GLIDERS was natural because both the companies and the founders GIN SEOK SONG and Raphael SALLES are driven by the same passion.

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