Glacial Surfing

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Glacier Types: Surging National Snow and Ice Data Center
    Mar 16, 2020 · Alaska's Bering Glacier ends in Vitus Lake, south of Wrangell-St. Elias National Park, roughly 10 kilometers from the Gulf of Alaska. The flowlines of a surging glacier are often warped and twisted (as seen in the center left of this photo) as the fast motion of a surge disrupts the usual patterns of ice flow. This photograph was taken in 1984 as part of the U.S. Geological Survey Ice and ...

Garett McNamara: Meet the daredevil who surfs glacier ...
    Jun 26, 2013 · U.S. big-wave surfer Garrett McNamara talks about risking his life glacier surfing -- riding the wave created by a breaking glacier.

Glacier Surfing Huge Waves In Alaska
    Garrett and Keali'i accomplished the glacier surfing mission, more stories, pictures and videos soon. "The heaviest thing I've ever done in my life!" "It's like the Empire State Building about to come down on top of you, I'm glad to be home." Garrett.

Ice calving - Wikipedia
    Ice calving, also known as glacier calving or iceberg calving, is the breaking of ice chunks from the edge of a glacier. It is a form of ice ablation or ice disruption.It is the sudden release and breaking away of a mass of ice from a glacier, iceberg, ice front, ice shelf, or crevasse.The ice that breaks away can be classified as an iceberg, but may also be a growler, bergy bit, or a crevasse ...

Glacial scour Britannica
    Other articles where Glacial scour is discussed: lake: Basins formed by glaciation: Ice sheets moving over relatively level surfaces have produced large numbers of small lake basins through scouring in many areas. This type of glacial rock basin contains what are known as ice-scour lakes and is represented in North America, for example, by basins in parts…

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