Glass Surfing Betta

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Glass Surfing: Why Do Fish Swim Up and Down the Glass ...
    Sep 18, 2018 · Betta fish often swim up and down the glass when they are stressed in their tanks. Source Why Do Aquarium Fish Swim Up and Down the Sides of the Tank? Fish exhibit many behaviors that tell us how they are feeling, and glass surfing (also known as pacing) is one of them.Reviews: 21

Glass Surfing Betta? My Aquarium Club
    Hi fishfur 😊 Glass surfing is when a betta (or any other fish I guess) basically paces frantically back and forth against the glass walls of the tank. Sometimes it's because they see their reflection, or, as I mentioned, the tank could be too bare. Or it could just be stressed out. There are lots of different reasons a betta may glass surf.

Glass Surfing In Bettas. My Aquarium Club
    Hello, 😊 when i first got my betta he glass surfed for quite a while. So yes i do beleve in that It could be that they feel the tank is too bare. I think this was why mine was glass-surfing; it helped him when i went to thenpet shop for plants, now he weaves through these instead of 'catching some sweet waves on the glass …

Glass Surfing ? 440735 Betta Fish
    Jun 02, 2020 · I’ve heard that entertainment can ease glass surfing such as floating plants, a floating log (ZooMed) or a good amount of decorations. Some bettas (not mine XD) will even interact with moss balls or ping pong balls. Lots of decorations/plants are always nice. Moving them around can …

Betta Is Still Glass Surfing? My Aquarium Club
    There's really no need to add prime daily, a Betta in a 5.5g tank should not be able to produce 1ppm of Ammonia in less than 48 hours, therefore water changes every 48 hours with prime added should be adequate for him. I wouldn't worry to much about the glass surfing, he may just be an active fish.

calming a glass surfing betta : bettafish
    calming a glass surfing betta i've had neurotic fish that won't stop swimming and glass surfing and usually they just take time to grow out of it, but it's distressing for me to watch and sometimes takes almost a month, which i can't imagine is much fun for them either.

Betta AND Ghost Shrimp Glass Surfing My Aquarium Club
    If they swim, they are going to run into glass at some point - some of them go up and down the glass instead of side to side. I keep many species of shrimp and all of them, from time to time, will swim up or down the glass too. I don't think it's anything to worry about. But, Betta fish have been known to suddenly decide to attack tank mates.

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