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Gluth - NPC - World of Warcraft
    Gluth is an Elite NPC that can be found in Naxxramas. The location of this NPC is unknown. This NPC is the criteria of The Construct Quarter (25 player), The Dedicated Few (10 player), The Dedicated Few (25 player), The Construct Quarter (10 player), Gluth kills (Naxxramas 10 player), Gluth kills (Naxxramas 25 player), Lich King 10-player bosses defeated, Lich King 25-player bosses defeated ...

Gluth - Wowpedia - Your wiki guide to the World of Warcraft
    May 15, 2020 · The ranged DPS and healers should stack up on each other ~30 yards from Gluth to aid the Paladin in kiting the zombies. The paladin should drop consecration on the stacked raid as often as possible while kiting the zombies around the back of the room in order to gain aggro on the Zombie Chow who should make straight for the healers.Location: Construct Quarter, Naxxramas

Gluth DK Kiting - YouTube
    Jul 11, 2009 · Gluth 10 Man Nax. Showing how a DK with just Blue tanking gear can Kite the Zombie Chow. The one thing I forgot to mention the Priest that is dedicated on healing me is …

Greenie Guides - Solo Kiting on Gluth - YouTube
    Feb 06, 2009 · Me solo kiting on Gluth 10 man. Aimed at new hunters who haven't kited on Gluth before.

Gluth tactics - Prexus
    I'm looking for Gluth tactics that do not involve having a hunter in your party. So far we've failed while having 2 mages kite the adds, and then again with a mage+resto shaman. I thought maybe a properly speced Death Knight could do it. Anyone have any tips? Every single video I ahve found out there has a hunter in their raid.

Gluth Boss Strategy - wowgold3000
    Gluth Boss Strategy. Gluth is the 3rd boss of the Abomination Wing in Naxxramas. This plague-dog is by no means a push over, and should offer you and your companions a challenging and exciting boss encounter. Gluth Abilites. 3,200,000 health points; Melee hits on plate targets, 3000-4000 damage

Naxxramas - Zone - World of Warcraft
    11) Gluth (tricky-ish to learn - a good kiter makes this very easy) 12) Thaddius (somebody not paying attention can wipe the raid) 13) 4-Horsemen (DPS never rotates - we can kill each before the marks get higher then 4). Harder bosses: 14) Kel'Thuzad (if you have ONE good healer this fight becomes trivial)

Taladril’s Treatise on Druid Tanking in Vanilla - WoW ...
    Gluth. This is a two tank fight plus add pickup. You can do either role. As a tank for Gluth you’d do well keeping up threat as a druid even without the boss focusing on you. For the adds it works too. You can use Faerie Fire to get threat on the adds but you can only do so much. The hunters and mages are doing the real kiting for this boss ...

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