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Go 2020 - Starboard Windsurfing - Starboard Windsurfing

    GO 122, 133, 144, 155: Progressive boards for improving beginners to advanced windsurfing. The original Gravity Control System was introduced by Starboard as a revolutionary concept and has helped propel our iSonics and Formula boards to multiple world titles. The 2020 GO boards now adopt the same principles bringing your sail more vertical for better control.

Goya Windsurfing - Boards

    Goya windsurfing boards have the most advanced shapes and constructions on the market today. Routinely rated highest in worldwide magazine tests.

2019 Starboard Go and Go Windsurfer Boardsports California

    Progressive boards for improving beginners to advanced windsurfing. The 2019 GO shape carry-over from 2018. The centre fin box for beginner windsurfing is featured on all sizes, helping you keep upwind and provides extra stability as you learn to windsurf. Remove the centre fin, fit the plug in and you have a full performance freeride board.

Start 2020 - Starboard Windsurfing - Starboard Windsurfing

    With the contoured deck shape, the board is easy to get into the footstraps. It’s easy to feel when your feet are in the correct position. It also helps to keep the rider close to the board’s centre line: more stability, easier to progress and easier to learn planing windsurfing.

The Best Windsurf Boards For Beginners In 2020 [Review]

    Jun 24, 2020 · Another great choice is the the JP-AUSTRALIA Windsurf Board Explorer , and for under $1250, comes at a great value. This windsurfing board has a solid width of 70cm and length of 270cm giving it some extra stability and speed in the water. It has ASA SANDWICH Technology with full EVA deck, giving a comfortable grip as well as a retractable dagger.

Windsurfing Gear For Beginners Choosing Your First...

    Looking for your first windsurf board? Photo: iStock. When you start windsurfing, you should go for a bigger, more stable board, as I mentioned above. These are mostly sized between 140L and 200L – they provide more stability and are easier when you’re learning to sail.

2020 SUP Windsurfing Range – Starboard SUP

    The Starboard SUP Windsurfing sails are a great addition to any SUP Windsurfing or SUP board fitted with a sail connection. It is light, powerful and designed specifically for inflatable windsurfing and paddle boards. An excellent choice for entry level windsurfers because of its versatility and durability. ... This is the fastest GO board in ...

Goya Windsurfing - Boards - Custom 3 Pro

    The board did turn surprisingly well for a 95 litre, but it felt large on the feet; the rails didn’t work with the small central fin (or at least not with my style of windsurfing; I had to change the standard 19cm fin for a larger 22cm) and getting it planing was a nightmare. This made I found even more excuses not to go windsurfing.

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