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Ocean Rodeo Go Joe - Kiteboarding Kitesurfing

    The GO-Joe is an inflatable tube structure attached to deck of the kiteboard that uses the natural forces of buoyancy distribution and wind to roll your kite board right side up and accelerate it down wind. These features combined with high visibility and additional floatation will make the use of surfboard style leashes in kiteboarding obsolete.4/5(2)

Ocean Rodeo Go Joe - MACkite Boardsports - Kiteboarding,

    The Ocean Rodeo Go Joe is the ultimate "leash free" kiteboard retrival accessory. Designed for new riders, and those crotchedly ones who don't like to body drag back to their board, the Go Joe harnesses natural buoyancy and the wind to flip your kiteboard and have it float downwind towards your position.

Amazon.com: Ocean Rodeo Go Joe Leashless Kitesurfing Board ...

    Go Joe makes it float the right way up and is visible from a considerable distance. It also acts as a small sail to help the board float downwind. No more aimless bodydragging in the hope of spotting the board or even going ashore to spot it from slightly higher ground.2.9/5(30)

Ocean Rodeo Go-Joe 2.0 – Green Hat Kiteboarding

    – Green Hat Kiteboarding The Go-Joe is a great safe alternative if you are still working on upwind body dragging, or venturing out of your comfort zone. The Go-Joe is a great safe alternative if you are still working on upwind body dragging, or venturing out of your comfort zone.5/5(3)

What is a gojo and why do I want one? - Action Kiteboarding

    The Go-jo is a clever device that looks like a boot attached to the board. The Go-jo is a device that you can buy and attach to the board using the handle screws. The device is inflated with a kite pump, and makes a semi rigid “sail” that sticks out from the deck (top) of the board, in between the rider’s feet. The go-go works in two ways.

Go-Joe - Ocean Rodeo

    The Go-Joe is in use in schools world wide and is the only board recovery device officially endorsed and promoted by both the IKO and PASA, the world’s two largest kiteboard instructor certification bodies. Designed to sit unobtrusively between your feet on the board, you won’t even notice the Go-Joe …

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