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Gokceada Kitesurf (Eselek) - 2020 All You Need to Know ...

    One of the best kitesurfing spot in the world This spot has 300 windy days per a year and you can ride from dawn till dusk (even in the twilight if it is full moon) in a day. The beach is not a party beach, it is just for kitesurfing, so this place may a little bit boring for party animals. The School has experienced…4/5(5)

7 Days Kitesurf Vacation in Gokceada Island, Turkey ...

    Crazy Island is a kite, windsurf, and SUP center located at one of the windiest spots in Europe - Gokceada Island in the Aegean Sea, Turkey. The wind here is 20 to 25 knots each day and often over 30 knots. The strong wind starts from morning and in the afternoon slowly drops to light breeze 10 knots. The season in Gokeada is from May to October.

Gokceada island great place for kite and windsurf

    We are located at Gokceada island, Aegean Sea, Turkey. The wind is North-East. This is the same well known Meltemi which works in all the islands in the Aegean. The wind in Gokceada is accelerated by thermal and venturi effects.

За Острова Gokceada Kitesurf Çanakkale

    Гьокчеада – център Gokceada center – еклектично градче с малки магазинчета, ресторанти, сладкарници, бръснарници и открит неделен Пазар за плодове, зеленчуци, подправки и …

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