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The importance of swell period in surfing
    One of the most underestimated surf forecasting variables considered by surfers is the swell period. The quality of waves in a given location is largely dependent on the timing of sets coming in. The amount of time it takes for two successive wave crests to pass through a determined point is called ...

Swell - Surf Reports, Surf Forecasts and Surfing Photos
    Swell period is literally the time it takes for successive waves to pass the same point in seconds. Practically the peak period of a swell gives a great idea of how powerful the swell is and how likely it is to create good waves for surfing. Longer period swells also have a flatter profile in deep water, so create larger waves when entering ...

Waves for Surfers: What is a good surfing wave?
    Waves are essential for surfers. Find out what makes a good surfing wave, and explore the other resources that explain about swell generation, forecasting and terminology.

Good surfing options all period Swellnet
    Jun 15, 2020 · Good surfing options all period. South Australian Forecast by Craig Brokensha (issued Monday 15th June) Best Days ... The drawn out frontal progression linked to this week's run of swell has weakened temporarily and this should result in the size dropping back a touch to 4-5ft tomorrow across Middleton and to 3ft on the sets across the Mid ...

Is Cornwall Good for Surfing? Well Yeah Binge Travelling
    “Swell magnet, beachbreak peaks in the middle of the bay, left off the reef at the south end, right off the point at the north end (quality depends on sand flow from river) and Booby’s to the north has a good but fickle low tide right reef”. Magic Seaweed . Fun Fact: This was a popular holiday spot for Margaret Thatcher and David Cameron.

What Factors Create The Best Swell And Waves For Surfing
    There are two main factors that determine how good the surf will be. First, there are the conditions that lead to initial wave formation. These determine the quality and size of the ground swell that will hit the surf spot. The second main factor is the local conditions at the surf spot.

    9 = GOOD to EPIC: Very good surf with many (50%) EPIC waves. 10 = EPIC : Incredible surf with most (70%) waves being EPIC to ride and generally some of the best surf all year.

Learn How To Read A Surf Report For Beginners Cornish Wave
    The higher the wave period, the more energy in the swell and so the larger the wave and more often than not this results in better quality waves for surfing. Wave period can be measured from trough to trough or from the crest of one wave to the next. Ground swell” refers to a swell that has a wave period of roughly 12 seconds or higher.

Good spots around Wollongong for bodyboarding, by vruntson ...
    May 09, 2010 · Bodyboarder, nobody is saying this is a surfers only site, i for one dont care what site you use. But i am curios to know why you use a site full of surfing contents, Fluidzone has the same information of swells, pictures of lids and if you asked the same question on there you would be getting a response from lids, not standups.

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