Good Wave Height For Surfing

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    2 = VERY POOR: Due to lack of surf, very poor wave shape for surfing, bad surf due to other conditions like wind, tides, or very stormy surf. 3 = POOR : Poor surf with some (30%) FAIR waves to ride.

Waves for Surfers: What is a good surfing wave?
    So what is a good surfing wave? Well, take a look at the wave at the top of the page. This image has all the characteristics that any surfer would desire. It's too big and powerful for a novice, but it's features are still desirable. The surface of the water is nice and smooth, referred to as glassy.

How to read a surf forecast and find suitable waves for ...
    The last part of the forecast shows me high tide on Monday is at Midday. This means anywhere from 9am to say 3pm could be good. * Note: some forecasts show the waves as ft, some metres. Some show average wave height, some set wave face height. Make sure you know what you’re looking at. Step 4: Make your predictions and go surfing. I’m all ...

The importance of swell period in surfing
    In conclusion: the greater the wave period, the better the swell. Also, take a look at how waves are formed, the difference between ground swells and wind swells, and the effects of shoaling and refraction in wave height. Wave Period and Wave Conditions. 1-5 seconds: Local wind swells with bumpy and disordered waves. Poor surfing conditions;

Surfline Wave Height Scale (with photos) SURFLINE.COM
    Wave height also depends on the bathymetry and shoaling. It is helpful when reports which delineate wave height based on swell direction are for each swell direction, like: 2-4' W-SW swell and 3-6 ...

How to Correctly Read a Surf Report
    A 2ft wave at 5 seconds will most likely result in small and weak waves. Short period swells generally mean that the wave was created by a storm close by and has not traveled far enough to gain speed and power. Swells that have a wave height of 8ft and a swell period of …

Interesting facts about waves - The Ultimate Surfing News ...
    In the Southern Hemisphere, there is less difference in wave height between the warm and cold seasons, resulting in more consistent surfing conditions throughout the year. The Agulhas Current, off the coast of Durban, in South African, produces some of the biggest waves in the world. In this busy shipping area, waves can easily reach heights of ...

Forecasting Tutorial: Wave Period Explained
    A good way to get a handle on it is to manually count seconds or time set waves reaching a stationary point. For example, if you were watching a fishing boat anchored beyond the breaking zone, you could count the seconds between one wave going under the boat and the next .

Best size waves to learn on? : surfing
    r/surfing: Kooks on the internet. Is this 3-4ft American (face height) or 3-4 Australian/Hawaiian? In any case...the chances of you actually catching an unbroken wave over waist high on the first day of surfing is about 0%, so it doesnt really matter what size the waves are once they are more than 2ft.

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