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The importance of swell period in surfing
    The swell period is critical surf knowledge because it ultimately measures the quality of the upcoming surf session. High quality waves - from ground swells - are generated in open ocean, hundreds of miles offshore. Do you usually check wave period forecasts for your region? Learning to interpret this information is easy. Short intervals of time - between 1 and 10 seconds - may indicate that one spot is …

Forecasting Tutorial: Wave Period Explained
    However, really big periods of 18 to 20 seconds don’t always equate to good surf. Such high energy swells can be too much for some breaks, with all that deep water energy drawing too much water off the reef before the wave breaks. Anyway, I hope that helps. …

Wave Period - Surf Reports, Surf Forecasts and Surfing Photos
    The surf produced by these swells will normally be slightly smaller in height than the swell that creates it, losing power as it enters shallow water, but a good reef can create a wave face larger than the swell size at the upper end of this period range. 10 - 12 Seconds

Wave period
    Wave period is used by surfers to describe various swells as windswell (periods of around 7 seconds or less), short period swell (8-12 seconds) and groundswell (longer period swells of 14-20 seconds).

What is the ideal wave for surfing? - Surfertoday
    If the swell was at an angle and the wave appears diagonal, then you know it will peal through the break and across the bay. Perfect. Remember: morning surf, by rule of thumb, is best. Offshore wind conditions will allow for glassy, smooth rides. And ideal waves peel down the line. Surf and have fun doing it. Not every wave has to be perfect.

Swell - Surf Reports, Surf Forecasts and Surfing Photos
    Practically the peak period of a swell gives a great idea of how powerful the swell is and how likely it is to create good waves for surfing. Longer period swells also have a flatter profile in deep water, so create larger waves when entering shallow water to create surf. Eg. 4ft @ 10 seconds = 6ft breaking waves. 4ft @ 20 seconds = 9ft breaking waves

Is It Dangerous To Go Surfing on Your Period? - Cooler
    Is it ok to go surfing while on your period? It’s a question we hear all the time, so we’ve decided to put it to bed for good and find out. Should we surf the crimson wave, or not? 10 Best Surf Shops In The UK For Women. Everyone has their own version of period myths from growing up.

Waves for Surfers: What is a good surfing wave?
    So what is a good surfing wave? Well, take a look at the wave at the top of the page. This image has all the characteristics that any surfer would desire. It's too big and powerful for a novice, but it's features are still desirable. The surface of the water is nice and smooth, referred to as glassy. There is some spray coming off the top of ...

Long Period vs. Short Period: What Does Swell Period Mean ...
    A wave is a wave… Well, sort of. ... Thus, long period swells can have huge differences of surf size along the coast (Long period West swell for HB cliffs can be well overhead while HB Pier is ... FAQs
    Longer period waves have more energy than short period ones and when they hit the shore they can jack up to a greater size than their open ocean wave height would suggest. As a rough guide, wave periods of less than 9s tend to be from locally generated winds and are less likely to produce good surf. What is the advanced surf forecast?

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