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GoPro Settings Explained: Best for Action, Travel & More ...
    Are you struggling to understand your GoPro settings?. In this article we’ll explain how each setting can be use to improve your photos and videos.. First, we’ll cover video, photo, time lapse and Protune settings, then, we’ll discuss the best settings for action, travel, and more.. GoPro Video Settings

Best settings for Hero 3+ Black for surfing? - GoPro
    When I used to use the Hero3+ Black for my surfing sessions I used 1080/60 and it looked good. I now use 2.7/60 with my Hero5 and Hero6. The Hero6 looks significantly better, and the Hero5 footage is also an improvement, but compared to what I got in the Hero4 Silver, the Hero3+ Black is very similar. You wrote Hero3+ but tagged the post as Hero3.

How to Video Surfing with a GoPro Camera Jabber
    Jun 04, 2018 · Which GoPro Settings should you use to Video Surfing? Even if you have a longboard, you’ll usually find you need the widest angle of view available on your GoPro to get everything in at close quarters. The GoPro SuperView setting can be useful if it’s available on your camera.

GoPro Official Website - Capture + share your world - hero 7B
    Non-POV shots are those taken from a different perspective (like when your GoPro is mounted on a ski pole or surfboard). Read more Read less Here are some of the best modes and settings for capturing your favorite activities.

GoPro Official Website - Capture + share your world - hero 6
    By default, your GoPro uses the 5GHz Wi-Fi band to connect to other devices. This band provides the fastest transfer speed when you offload your video and photos to your phone or computer. To use the 5GHz band, your phone or other device must also work with that band.

HERO8 Black - Video Settings and Resolutions - GoPro ...
    HERO8 Black Video Settings and Resolutions (16:9) Resolution FPS Width Height H.264 Bitrate Low/High H.265 Bitrate Low/High Digital Lens Options Zoom Auto Low Light? 4k 60/50 3840 2160 NA 60/100 Wide, Linear NA Yes 4k 30/25 3840 2160 60/100 …

Setting Up Your GoPro Camera - dummies
    Setting up your GoPro takes a few minutes (not counting battery-charging time) but is easy. Follow these steps: Take off the GoPro’s protective waterproof housing. (Skip to the next step if you’re using a HERO5 Black or Session.) Like a turtle uses it shell for protection, so does the GoPro.

GoPro: Top 10 Surf Moments - YouTube
    Jun 15, 2019 · Celebrate International Surf Day with GoPro's Top 10 Surf Moments. Shot 100% on GoPro: Get stoked and subscribe: 1...Author: GoPro

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