Grenadines Kitesurfing Season

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Learn Kitesurfing in the Caribbean The Grenadines Union ...
    Book your Kiteboarding holiday with the JT Pro Center and find out more about How to Get to the Grenadines. THE BEST KITESURFING DESTINATION AND SPOT TO KITESURF THE CARIBBEAN FROM NOVEMBER TO JULY

The Grenadines Kiteboarding Cruise Caribbean Kite Cruise
    Grenadines Kiteboarding Season To Guarantee the best chance of wind we only organize kite cruises from November to July during the trade wind season. The strongest winds are from December to April and the most consistant month is June.

Grenadines Kite Cruise Holidays - Fanatic The Boarders Center
    The best season to come and kitesurf in the Grenadines is from December until the end of June. Due to the variety of spots covered by FBC Grenadines, the following data is an average for the whole area. Wind Season -1st of December to 30th of June - 90% - 18 – 25+ knots Medium Wind Season -1st of July to 15th of August - 60% - 15 – 18 knots

The Grenadines Itinerary - Caribbean - Kiteboarding Cruise
    The best period for the Grenadines kite cruise is during dry season from mid December till beginning of May during which time weather is sunny, water is warm and winds are reliable. With wind strength between 15 and 25 knots you might use kite sizes between 9 and 14 meter. Outside this period air temperatures and humidity rises and winds get lighter.

Caribbean Kitesurf Trips in the Grenadines Caribbean ...
    Grenadines Kiteboarding Season To guarantee the best chance of wind we only organise kite cruises from November to July during the Trade Wind season. Average wind is 15 – 20 kts with the strongest winds from Christmas to March. June is the month with most consistency.

The Grenadines Kite Spot Guide: An Untouched Bliss ...
    Kitesurfing in the Grenadines The trade winds blow from December/January to June, stronger winds generally between January and March. In the beginning of the season the wind direction is NE passing gradually to E as the season progresses.

Union Island Kitesurfing Holidays Union Island Kitesurf ...
    A Kite trip to the Tobago Cays when in the Grenadines is an absolute must! A combined tour of starting in the Cays, downwinding to Mayrau, kiting there, and then downwinding to Union is possible. Remember: Kiteboarding in the Cays is restricted, and it is important to respect the launch zones and rules.

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