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Hunter AQ40 Nature Resistance Gear - World of Warcraft ...
    This is a collection of possible and somewhat easy to obtain nature resistance items for Princess Huhuran and Viscidus in AQ40. Not all Items are required. A total of ~200 NR should be sufficient. Maximum NR possible: 263 + 10 + 60 = 333 Equip Night Elf Racial Hunter Aura

Kiting - Wowpedia - Your wiki guide to the World of Warcraft
    Feb 18, 2018 · The act of kiting, is a combat tactic of a player character keeping a mob or another player at a certain distance, usually out of melee distance but within ranged attack, and luring the pursuer toward their direction while dealing damage at the same time. This is a tactic best suited for classes who deal most of their damage from range and are weak in melee range.

[Guide] Hunter Kiting - OwnedCore
    May 31, 2008 · World of Warcraft Guides [Guide] Hunter Kiting; If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ. You have to register before you can post. Almost all ads disappear when you login. ... [Guide] Hunter Kiting First you need to decide if you want to do a kite for LENGTH (e.g. kiting a mob to a city and around the city and shit), or if you ...

Kiting WoWWiki Fandom
    Kiting in instance. Some instances have mobs that cannot be crowd controlled. It is better if the tank can double tank the mobs or if the group has an off-tank to handle one. However, if both options are not feasible, a skillful hunter (sometimes mage) is the best at kiting one of the mobs.

    Feb 13, 2019 · Hey guys! Another top asked question is How to kite as MM and I wanted to explain the mentality behind the art of kiting as well as talk about the abilities that helps Marksmanship hunter become ...Author: LoneWolfHD

Hunter - Class - World of Warcraft
    Comment by 571648 Here are some websites that you can visit if you have any doubts or questions for some of the best hunters in the, Scattered Shots Blog.-Warcraft Hunters Union, Home of Frostheim and Arust.-Hunter's Rhok-Big Red Kitty-Crowd Control-Huntsman's Lodge-Marks 365-Out DPS-The Misdirect List-The Brew Hall-The Hunter's Mark

Classic Hunter Macro Guide - WoW Classic 1.13 - Guides ...
    Feb 02, 2020 · Sherro is a veteran member of both the Classic and Retail World of Warcraft communities. If you enjoy the guides and possibly want to see more WoW Classic content be sure to follow him on his other pages: Twitch and Twitter. Introduction In this guide, you will find macros for both PvP and PvE that will make your time spent playing a Hunter ...

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