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Longest time spent surfing a wave (male) Guinness World ...
    The longest time spent surfing a wave in open water was 3 hr 55 min 02 sec by Gary Saavedra (Panama) surfing the Panama Canal in Panama City, Panama, on 19 March 2011. Saavedra followed a wave-creating boat in covering 41.3 mi (66.47 km), also breaking a …

The best Guinness World Records in surfing - Surfertoday
    The Guinness World Records have an interesting number of stunts and accomplishments that are breathtaking and, sometimes, funny at the same time. Who holds the "Most Wins of the Pro Surfing World Championships"? You might get this one right. Correct, Kelly Slater. What is the world record for the "Most Surfboards Stacked on a Car"? The famous book says a group of surfers successfully …

Longest journey kite surfing (male) Guinness World Records
    07 July 2015 The longest kitesurfing journey is 862 km (536 miles; 465 nautical miles) and was achieved by Francisco Lufinha (Portugal) who travelled from Lisbon, Portugal towards Madeira, Portugal, from 5 to 7 July 2015. Francisco completed this record-breaking attempt as a single, non-stop journey.

The best Guinness World Records in windsurfing
    Windsurfing has earned a well-respected spot in the Guinness World Records, with quite an extensive number of unexpected entries. The Guinness World Records is a widely recognized authority on record-breaking achievement, but it does not contemplate all windsurfing records. Nevertheless, we found some curious facts and figures.

GWR Day Guinness World Records
    2 days ago · How a rainy surfing holiday inspired a record-breaking journey picking up plastic in the ocean Disabled son inspires proud dad’s record-breaking swim for Guinness World Records Day How Anne Lorimor climbed Mount Kilimanjaro at 89 Watch real-life Iron Man smash his jet-powered suit record by flying at 85 mph along Brighton Pier ...

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