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Recommended melee classes — Guild Wars 2 Forums
    Feb 19, 2018 · One thing to point out is that the way GW2 works is that any class can melee or range (to different levels of success). It's primarily more about the flavour and style that you prefer. At high levels some professions are more desired for certain roles though these often change with each patch so focus firstly on what you enjoy and worry about ...

Kite - Guild Wars Wiki (GWW)
    When kiting, a player will usually move directly away from melee ranged enemies -- often traveling towards the friendly back-line. However, moving directly away from a melee enemy exposes a player's back to the enemy unless backpedaling. This status is known as fleeing and results in drastically more critical hits against melee. With wards

Combat - Guild Wars 2 Wiki (GW2W)
    Jun 05, 2020 · Combat is the main gameplay aspect of Guild Wars 2. Almost all the PvE quests in the world of Guild Wars 2 involve fighting. This is even more so the case in the PvP and WvW game modes, which are solely about the combat experience itself. Guild Wars 2 does not follow the "holy trinity" design found in other MMOs, where professions fall into tank, damage, and healing.

Tips for settings - MetaBattle Guild Wars 2 Builds
    Jul 09, 2020 · Movement. About face - quite useful for many professions with mobility skills that require rapid 180 turns in order to move "forward" such as Mesmer's , Ranger's , or Deadeye's .Beyond that it has other niche uses in PvP like fake-jumping off a cliff to bait enemies into going down by pressing about face in the air right after jumping off.

Melee and Ranged Imbalance In Guild Wars 2
    Sep 11, 2012 · I have a level 80 (max level) Warrior, myself, and I find the Rifle to be adequate single target DPS, with the longbow being below average AoE DPS. While the Rifle can kill stuff reasonably, it just feels incorrect to take a "Warrior" Class, and sit back with ranged spells, hoping for the best. This seems to be the Warrior's main role in many situations, though, as Melee in Guild Wars 2 is ...

Melee attack - Guild Wars Wiki (GWW)
    Apr 11, 2020 · Melee attacks are close-combat attacks performed with melee weapons: swords, axes, hammers, daggers, and scythes.Melee attack can refer to either a normal attack made with a melee weapon or a specific type of skill performed with melee weapons. Melee attacks have the same damage type as the weapon used to perform them. Many skills will refer to "melee attacks" or "in melee".

Best PvE weapon sets for Ranger and Engineer - Guild Wars 2
    Grenades for long range and big damage (and laughably easy underwater combat), bombs for up close killing or killing while kiting (and you can trait to make them very good self-heals), elixir gun for good group support, flamethrower for baddassery and decent mid-range combat. Tool kit has useful melee-ish skills but I could never get into it.

Metabattle: a guide to kiting : Guildwars2
    The act of kiting is a combat tactic of a player character keeping a mob or another player at a certain distance In WoW kiting usually happens by using snare skills or doing pillar hugging. While these elements can be found in GW2, players also have access to a great variety of movement skills/teleports and maps have many "mini jumping puzzles ...

Targeting is driving me NUTS! : Guildwars2
    doesn't work for me. Promote Skill Target is off and when I run around kiting with my warrior (longbow) it shots targets within range nearby like the op said. In the char 15-25 area there was a little cave with blood legions in there. About 20 which respawned so damn fast.

GW2 Combat - Keen and Graev's Video Game Blog
    Apr 29, 2012 · I keep changing my mind over what I like most in GW2. This morning it was the combat that really captured my interest. I made a quick video showing off a newbie Warrior's attacks. You'll see in the video that GW2 has a very traditional "Lock on" and hotkey combat…

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