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Dhuum Greens — Guild Wars 2 Forums
    Apr 07, 2018 · Meh, sending a kiter or healer seems like overkill, if your damage is so low you have to send one of them to do greens then you may aswell start looking for a new team,i usually kite at Dhuum and i have never/will never do greens when im kiting, im already doing my mechanic im not gonna run around like a madman doing everything because someone does 5kdps and enrages Dhuum

Dhuum's Messenger - Guild Wars 2 Wiki (GW2W)
    Upon starting the fight with Dhuum, two Dhuum's Messengers will spawn in the arena. For the duration of the fight, high in the arena medium sized orbs will float towards the column of light in the middle. If they reach it, a new Dhuum's Messenger will spawn. For the first two minutes of the fight, one will spawn approximately every 10 seconds.

Dhuum Kiting (Druid) - YouTube
    Jun 25, 2020 · -there is also a messenger spawning just before your 4:30 green - this can be tricky to get if you forget/don't pay attention, as the window of time you have before porting up for green is shortAuthor: Sekikaze

Dhuum Kite (Green) Harrier Druid PoV - YouTube
    Dec 06, 2018 · Been meaning to upload a video on this for a while. Not a clean run but hopefully it's helpful. If I manage to capture a better run, I'll upload it. This is a two druid set up, it is possible to ...

Dhuum - Guild Wars 2 Wiki (GW2W)
    Notes []. Dhuum has 2597 armor (1374 toughness and 1223 defense).; Dhuum has a 400 range diameter hitbox, which is considered huge. His hitbox size does not change in the 10% phase. Dhuum's control over the River of Souls implies that the fate of many characters who died in Guild Wars 2, allied or foe, ended with their souls devoured by Dhuum or his minions.

Dhuum Timer - GW2 lunchbox
    Dhuum Timer Video Raid Guides (WIP) Item Price Calculators . Black Lion Hunters Board Volatile Magic Shipment Containers TP Price Comparer Provisioner Token Helper Material Upgrade Profits. ResponsiveVoice-NonCommercial licensed under . Note: the voice setting works best in Chrome & Safari, results may vary on other browsers.

When you join a Dhuum progression group but have to do ...
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[US] 6 man Dhuum kill : Guildwars2
    At some points the messenger kiting could have been shared between the druids if needed, although in the actual kill this wasn't necessary (although the green druid took one aggro accidentally). The chrono tank took two greens himself, leaving the warrior or druid in …

GW2 Qadim Raid Boss Guide - Dulfy
    Sep 26, 2018 · Teleporting into the lamp is done by a large green shrinking AoE in the center of the arena that occurs at start of the fight and then at start of the 66% and 33% phase. Once they are teleported a physical lamp with low HP will spawn in the middle of the arena. Players not part of the lamp team need to stay away from the center.

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