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Guild Wars 2 - Deimos Hand Kite [GUIDE] - YouTube
    Feb 23, 2018 · Gw2 Deimos Hand-Kiting Guide - Duration: 13:14. Mischief 3,356 views. 13:14. Guild Wars 2 - Quick Raid Guide - Slothasor - Boss 1 - Wing 2 / 1080p 50fps - Duration: 5:56.Author: Tim Keute

Guild Wars 2 - Deimos Hand Kiter (Herald) - YouTube
    Sep 01, 2018 · Just a quick video of me kiting hands for the 4th boss of Bastion of the Penitent, Deimos. The prephase started a few seconds prior, but I don't think anyone cares about that.

Guild Wars 2 Deimos Hand kiting herald example - YouTube
    Aug 17, 2017 · Just a small sample of kiting the hands on the Deimos encounter which is relatively simple to execute. Done with magi/cleric/minstrel gear to get around 1500-1600 toughness + the addtional healing...Author: Nervin

[Outdated] GW2 : Deimos Soulbeast Hand Kite exsample - no ...
    Dec 30, 2017 · Gw2 - Deimos Hand Kiting(HK) Soulbeast v.2 - Duration: 8:33. Loimo NoName 571 views. 8:33. Teapot Pls (A Guide to Deimos Revenant Hand Kiting) - Duration: 4:46. Mata Tw 15,618 views.Author: LanifMaster

Herald - Hand Kiter - MetaBattle Guild Wars 2 Builds
    Nov 06, 2019 · - Useful if you find yourself using lots of dodges in your hand kiting. Runes. There are numerous viable rune options and which option is selected makes little difference to the build's performance {{RuneSuperior Rune of Sanctuary; Consumables. Food. Any food that gives 10% damage reduction can be used.

Soulbeast - Hand Kiter - MetaBattle Guild Wars 2 Builds
    Jun 15, 2020 · Soulbeast - Hand Kiter The Official API is experiencing issues; skill, trait and item data cannot be loaded at the moment. Note: Please note that builds will default to …

Metabattle: a guide to kiting : Guildwars2
    The act of kiting is a combat tactic of a player character keeping a mob or another player at a certain distance In WoW kiting usually happens by using snare skills or doing pillar hugging. While these elements can be found in GW2, players also have access to a great variety of movement skills/teleports and maps have many "mini jumping puzzles" people can use to leave enemies behind by utilizing the …

Scourge & Daredevil Handkiting Guide : Guildwars2
    The handkiter role in the Deimos raid encounter is a good demonstration of each classes' defensive capabilities. With the release of this guide, all classes can successfully clear Deimos as a handkiter. If you don't know how to kite hands, you can also see revenants videos as it's the same way to do it but with different skills (youtube, revenant handkiting, blablabla...).

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