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Harness lines: length, width and positioning for windsurfing

    Harness Line Positioning. The Rule of Hands. There's a general rule of thumb that tells us that for sails between 5 and 7 meters, and in marginally powered wind conditions, you should match the number of clenched hands to the sail size. All you have to do is count them down the front of the boom.

Harness Line Lengths for you! – Pritchard Windsurfing

    Sep 17, 2012 · As a general guideline, I think most people over 5’9 should be using a 28 or longer length line. Bigger dudes over 6’2 should be using a 30” or longer. For the average sailor between 5’4 and 5’8 I suggest either a 24” or 26” line.

Harness Lines Length For Foil Windsurfing

    "The length of harness lines is really depending on your equipment and the foil in particular, as well as your level. If you have a foil with short fuselage (70-80 cm) or if you are a beginner, you will probably like relatively short harness lines as it’s normal to have an upright position on the board, harness lines are also slightly closer to the mast, and an opened sail.

Windsurfing Harness Lines : Isthmus Sailboards

    Harness lines attach to your boom and are available in adjustable or fixed-length models. Adjustable versions allow up to 6" of length adjustment while under sail. Fixed lines are designed as a rigid loop with no adjustment range and are available in a variety of lengths. "Dakine Lines" allow you to customize a fixed length to your needs.

How to Set Up the Harness Lines - How To Windsurf 101

    This is the reason why some people sail with their harness line clips right next to each other rather than 10-15 centimetres (4-6 inches) apart. Some people like to put the harness lines slightly forward of the pressure point, others prefer to put them slightly behind. This depends on if they are sailing overpowered or if the wind is gusty, etc.

Harness line length Windsurfing Forums, page 1

    Feb 03, 2020 · Once you are in this upright stance the maximum line length is a simple function of your arm length, and for normal or average height people the maximum is about 32inches, with tall people on 34inch lines. With 28inches your arms can be more bent. Any shorter and your probably choking the rig.

Heights and harness line lengths Jason Polakow 185cm/6 ...

    Heights and harness line lengths Jason Polakow 185cm/6’ uses 32” lines Ricardo Campello 182/5’11” uses 30” lines Robby Swift 174cm/5’9” uses 28” lines Kauli Seadi 170cm/5’8” uses 26” lines Those are the correct heights of four of the most phe-nomenal windsurfers ever, but the harness line lengths …

Harness lines and length Windsurfing Forums, page 1

    Oct 31, 2015 · Length can also be measured around the inside or outside of the harness line when fitted to a boom, but as mentioned above the length will vary slightly when boom arms can be from 25mm to 32mm in diameter. Unfortunately no industry standardisation which leads to some variation between brands. Hope this helps some

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    Jan 11, 2017 · Height 5'8". Seat Harness Line Length 34". Height 5'8". Waste Harness Line Length 30". I realize everyone is slightly different however, humans generally have predictable proportions. The arm length of one person 5'6" should be more or less the same as another person who also is 5'6". (unless you are a gorilla).

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