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Hip Resurfacing Johns Hopkins Medicine

    Hip resurfacing is a type of surgery to replace a damaged hip joint. In the hip joint, the rounded head of the thighbone (the femoral head) moves smoothly inside the round socket of the hip bone. Normally, the socket is lined with cartilage, which helps the bones move smoothly.

Hip Resurfacing Vs. Hip Replacement Surgery

    Rather than replacing the entire hip joint, as in a total hip replacement, hip resurfacing involves shaving and capping only a few millimeters of the joint surface. Since this approach preserves more of the patient’s natural bone, it reduces postoperative risks of dislocation and inaccurate leg length.

Hip Resurfacing - OrthoInfo - AAOS

    In hip resurfacing, the femoral head is notremoved, but is instead trimmed and capped with a smooth metal covering. The damaged bone and cartilage within the socket is removed and replaced with a metal shell, just as in a traditional total hip replacement.

Hip Resurfacing Doctors in Hyderabad - View Cost, Book ...

    Doctors for Hip Resurfacing in Hyderabad - Book Doctor Appointment, Consult Online, View Doctor Fees, User Reviews, Address and Phone Numbers of Doctors for Hip Resurfacing Lybrate

Hip resurfacing: An alternative to conventional hip ...

    Unlike traditional hip replacement, hip resurfacing doesn't completely replace the "ball" of the hip with a metal or ceramic ball. Instead, the bone is reshaped and capped with a metal prosthesis. The hip socket is fitted with a metal cup. As these metal surfaces rub together, there is …

Hip Resurfacing UC San Diego Health

    Hip resurfacing may be an alternative to total hip replacement for young, active people who have good bone strength. If you have arthritic, damaged hip bones, but have good general bone strength, your hip may be able to be reshaped and resurfaced.

Hip Resurfacing for Women - What's Possible - Hip ...

    Dr. Gross and Dr. Pritchett use different hip resurfacing devices and will give women a hip resurfacing if they are good candidates. Both surgeons have done over 5000 hip resurfacings. Also many of the very experienced overseas surgeons still do hip resurfacing for women.

Hip Resurfacing: An Alternative to Hip Replacement for Some

    Sep 27, 2009 · The concept of surface replacement, also known as hip resurfacing, originated in the 1970’s as an attempt to preserve bone during the implantation of an artificial hip joint. The first generation of hip resurfacing implants consisted of a metal cap placed on …

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