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Hospitality Club - Free Accommodation world wide through ...
    What is the Hospitality Club? Our aim is to bring people together - hosts and guests, travelers and locals. Thousands of Hospitality Club members around the world help each other when they are traveling - be it with a roof for the night or a guided tour through town. Joining is free, takes just a minute and everyone is welcome.

Hospitality Club
    After the shocking news of Couchsurfing accepting a $7.6 million investment and becoming a for-profit company, I just wrote a message to the hospitality exchange community. Most important: Hospitality Club will never be a for-profit business, we are currently developing an open-source site for HC and some behind-the-scenes info on CS.

Meet and Stay with Locals All Over the World Couchsurfing
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Couchsurfing vs Hospitality Club vs Staydu vs Global ...
    Oct 02, 2013 · Perhaps the mother of all hospitality exchange sites right now, Couchsurfing has exploded into a total behemoth in the past few years, thanks to a lot of recent publicity. As a result, it’s getting tough to find hosts. In my experience, you’d be lucky …

CouchSurfing alternatives
    The most well-known free hospitality exchange (sometimes abbreviated as hospex) networks these days are BeWelcome and Couchsurfing. Another well known network is Warmshowers. That's a very active hospitality network specifically for cyclists.

CouchSurfing - Wikipedia
    CouchSurfing is a global homestay and social networking service accessible via a website and mobile app. Members can request lodging publicly or directly from other members, "hangout" with other members, or join/create events. The platform is also used for casual dating; harassment is …

Is couch surfing safe in Indonesia? - Yahoo
    Dec 11, 2013 · Couchsurfing and Hospitality Club offer social media platforms to exchange accommodation for free, while AirBnB requires travelers to pay a small amount of money to stay at other people's shared establishments — a bit like renting a house. In Indonesia, Couchsurfing is the most popular hospitality exchange service, and it is currently the ...

Hospitality exchange - Wikitravel
    May 27, 2020 · Couchsurfing was easily the largest free hospitality exchange platform until recently, with both a website and mobile app, though it now charges a monthly or annual fee (US$3/$15) for access (with exceptions for users from lower-income countries) and some users are leaving for BeWelcome or Trustroots.

Guido is on Couchsurfing! Couchsurfing
    Ethics, he claims, is hospitality. Pure, unconditional hospitality is a desire that underscores the conditional hospitality necessary in our relationships with others. Why I’m on Couchsurfing. HOW I PARTICIPATE IN COUCHSURFING. I discovered Hospitality Club in 2007, then some friends show me Couch Surfing in august 2007.

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