How To Do A Turtle Roll Surfing

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How to do a "Turtle Roll" - Tips to "Pass the Break"
    The Turtle Roll is a great technique for you to stay in control of your board and not get pushed back too much by the white water. Walk out in the ocean until you have water up to your chest. You should hold the surfboard by its nose, and keep it perpendicular to the waves. Once you have walked to chest-deep water, take a look at the horizon.

How to Turtle Roll -
    1. Paddle towards the wave straight on. If you’re at an angle, it’s likely you will get hurled from your board. 2. As the wave approaches, grab the rails (side of the surfboard) slightly above your shoulders. You will want the nose... 3. Hold on tight, as you do not want to lose your grip on the ...

How to turtle roll a surfboard -
    Let's see: 1. Get your board perpendicular to the oncoming whitewash; 2. Stop paddling when you see a huge set; 3. Grab the rails of the surfboard, bend your elbows and push the nose of the board slightly down; 4. Push your body up with one knee; 5. As the wave approaches, take a deep breath; 6. ...

How to Turtle Roll
    Follow along as Jackie from Surf with Amigas demonstrate how to turtle roll, including the best body position, how to hold on, and the right timing.

How to Turtle Roll - Surfing Waves
    As the wave comes towards you Flip the board over with the board on top of you, fins facing upwards. Pull the board down towards you, grabbing hold of the board near the middle or even a little further back. Try to keep your body vertical in the water with the board overhead, letting your body act as a sea anchor.

Surf Lessons : Turtle Rolls - YouTube
    Dec 17, 2011 · Learn how to Turtle Roll your board so you can get a big board through the waves. A great technique to know if you surf a larger board or are paddling out for the first time.Author: theonlinesurfschool

How to Duck Dive & Turtle Roll in Surfing
    The turtle roll, used primarily by longboarders, is a useful and relatively simple tactic that will allow you to avoid being swept back to the beach by an oncoming wave. Here are the basics: As a breaking wave or wall of whitewater approaches, slide off your board to one side and place your hands on each side of the surfboard.

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