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How to Paddle Out Through Heavy Surf on a Standup Paddleboard
    Another tip for when you are being pulled underwater is to relax your body, allow the board to pull you with momentum under the water, and then reach your bottom hand down the paddle as your top...

How to Paddle on a Surfboard - Surf Tips
    If you want to paddle efficiently on your shortboard or longboard, there’s 2 things you have to do: 1- Minimize Resistance (or drag). This is done by having the correct positioning on your surfboard. 2- Maximize Propulsion. You will do this by having the proper paddling technique.

Paddling Technique - The Surfing Handbook
    Before you try to paddle to the outside, past the breaking waves, practice your paddling technique on the inside in the whitewater. Once you’re good at pushing the board for momentum in the whitewater, you can start to try and paddle to gain momentum. As the whitewater comes towards you, climb on the board and start paddling towards shore.

Surfing Tutorial - How To Paddle Out On a SurfBoard ...
    Aug 05, 2014 · This surfing tutorial provides easy to follow steps and techniques to be able to paddle out on your surfboard and get out the back! Loading... Autoplay When autoplay is enabled, a suggested video ...Author: iSURFTRIBE

How To Stand Up Paddle Board Beginners Guide Isle Surf ...
    How to Paddle: Turning with the Forward Sweep Stroke To turn left, place the paddle in the water on the right side. At the same time, turn your torso to the left side. Keep a low stance and pull to the right, towards the tail with the paddle, while twisting and leaning to the left with your torso.

SUP HOW- TO CATCH WAVES stand Up paddle boarding
    Dec 12, 2007 · Learn the basics to mastering your first ride in Stand Up Paddle Surfing. Segment from How To - Hawaiian Style Vol.1 with Ivan van Vuuren. To order full HOW-TO DVD set visit: www ...Author: XLTV

How to paddle faster for waves - Surfertoday
    As for your paddling arm, bend the elbow, lift the chest and push the body up. You'll notice that your hip will be almost touching your hand by the end of each stroke. With your body perfectly aligned on the surfboard, you'll soon start to feel that you're paddling faster, one stroke at a time, and steadily developing muscle memory.

You aint paddling right! - Surf tips to paddle stronger ...
    Apr 19, 2018 · To get the longest paddle length, with the furthest reach, a swimmer extends their arm as far forwards as they can. They even roll their body to get that extra bit of reach from their shoulders and flicks the water out as far behind them as possible. The longer the range in their paddle stroke, the more efficient it is.

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