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Origins of Windsurfing: Hoyle Schweitzer – American Windsurfer

    Hoyle and Diane Schweitzer were motoring around the world when I boarded their yacht on the shores of Georgian Bay, about 2 hours north of Toronto. For the past three years, the co-inventor of windsurfing has been riding the whim of adventure in a self imposed exile aboard his yacht Pailolo, meaning “to rise above the turbulent waters.”Quite appropriately named since

Hoyle Schweitzer's Decade Of Discontent Inc.com

    Feb 01, 1982 · It should have been smooth sailing for Hoyle Schweitzer and his company, Windsurfing International Inc., of Torrance, Calif. (Co-inventor Drake was bought out in 1973 for a reported $36,000.)

Schweitzer, Hoyle and Diane - National Sailing Hall of Fame

    Hoyle and Diane Schweitzer engineered a brilliant concept and marketed their idea to the world. Windsurfing took hold and is still vibrant. The Kite Board has taken the concept to a new level. Both Windsurfers and Kite Boards are scheduled to race in the Olympic Games in …

Hoyle Schweitzer American surfer Britannica

    Other articles where Hoyle Schweitzer is discussed: windsurfing: …Jim Drake (a sailor) and Hoyle Schweitzer (a surfer) received the first patent for a sailboard in 1968. They called their design a Windsurfer, and Schweitzer began mass-producing sailboards in the early 1970s. The sport quickly spread throughout North America, and by the late 1970s it had become widely popular…

The thrilling story of the Original Windsurfer

    The Original Windsurfer was born in the 1960s. One day in January 1967, at a cocktail party in Pacific Palisades, sailor Jim Drake and surfer Hoyle Schweitzer started talking about combining sailing and surfing. After hearing them for a while, Diane - Hoyle's wife - …

History of Windsurfing - Everything Windsurfing

    Aug 10, 2019 · Jim Drake and Hoyle Schweitzer Five years later, aeronautics engineer Jim Drake and Hoyle Schweitzer patented their design for a sailboard later trademarked as a Windsurfer. The breakthrough came with their invention of a universal joint which allowed the sail to be attached to the board for flexible movement.

Origins of Windsurfing: Matt Schweitzer – American Windsurfer

    Matt, age 8, has already started to compete in motocross, as well as following in the Schweitzer windsurfing tradition while Zane, age 3, ... Soon Matt, Francisco and I were back on the road headed for the nearby vacant home of Hoyle and Diane Schweitzer. If Matt’s house is a museum then his parents’ modest place, (as modest as a house can ...

Jim Drake (engineer) - Wikipedia

    Subsequently in 1968, Hoyle and Diana Schweitzer founded the company Windsurfing International in Southern California to manufacture, promote and license a windsurfer design. The company registered the term "windsurfer" as a trademark at the United States Patent and Trademark Office in 1973, launching the craft as a one-design class.

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