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Microsoft and interactive television -
    Apr 02, 2003 · The IPG is a basic form of television enhancement, but one that illustrates many of the core components of iTV. In today's world of 250+ channels, it plays a critical role in helping people decide what to watch and how to plan their future watching/recording. Video-on-demand (VOD) is another soon-to-be-popular iTV technology.

CN101860710A - System and method with interactive program ...
    The invention provides the personal video recorder (" PVR ") of enhancing and the method and system of interactive television program guide (" IPG ") function.Can implement interactive TV, application system (" application system ") so that this function to be provided.This application system can be used for showing that the inventory of PVR record, record, the configuration record of the PVR ...Author: 麦克尔·D.·艾利斯, 丹尼·R.·盖多, M·S.·雷查德特, 约瑟夫·P.·报姆加特纳, 威廉·L.·托马斯

US8656431B2 - Global interactive program guide application ...
    The present invention also consolidates content from disparate sources, manages authentication for each of the content sources, and allows for viewing from a single, customizable IPG. The user does not need to switch from a content-provider's IPG to a PVR's IPG to a Video on-demand (VOD) system's IPG to see multi-sourced content.Cited by: 101

    PVR, DVR, Time-shifted) Linear Broadcast TV with Trick Modes allows customer to pause live TV, instant replay of interesting scenes, and skip advertising through PVR or DVR system. PVR service (network or client-based) The Personal Video Recorder service is consumer based electronic device service that records live program to the hard drive ...

IPTV Services, uses cases, requirements and scenarios!!MSW-E.doc
    3.8 Personal video recording (PVR): A service which allows the user to store content (i.e. video, audio, graphics or text) on a digital storage medium or on a network storage device. If the recording device is at the customer premises, it is called a personal video recorder or digital video recorder.

Talking Back to the Tube: The Future of Interactive ...
    Interactive television has always promised to deliver the couch potato’s ultimate dream – surf zillions of channels, choose customized programming, check e-mail and order pizza without leaving ...

Verizon FiOS Architecture
    Web Surfing Real Time SDTV, Network PVR FTTP ... -Email, web serving-Migration for dial-up user 5/2 10/2 5/2 ... 6000 VOD Titles 120 Hour DVR Advanced IPG

Why IPTV? : interactivity, technologies and services (Book ...
    Designing interactive IPTV applications --5. Monetizing IPTV: Advertising and interaction --6. P2P, TV on the web, VoD, and (n)PVR --7. Digital Rights and Next Generation IPTV DRM --8. Identities, Subscriptions, User Profiles, and Presence --9. Beyond the EPG: Metadata in interactive IPTV --10. Protocols for Interaction --11.

Slow and steady - Broadcasting & Cable
    Cable ops seemed poised to offer interactive TV in 2001, but optimism has given way to diminished expectations

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