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Check Kiting: Victimless Crime? Not quite... Brett A ...
    For some people, check kiting may be a way to cover a bill payment when times are tough. However, others may engage in a more serious criminal operation by using check kiting to illegally obtain money and goods. No matter the reason, check kiting is a serious type of fraud that can be punished with jail time and steep fines. How Check Kiting Works

How To Save Yourself From Buying A 'Kited' Car
    Check-kiting is a form of fraud where someone continually writes bad checks between their accounts, but you need to know that shady car dealers might also “kite” a used car. And the good news ...

Check Kiting Fraud Killed Car Dealership – Frank on Fraud
    The check kiting was so extensive at the car dealership that an entire headquarters was established to float funds to keep the dealership operating. Two employees – Sheila Evans Miller, 52, and Diana Herrera Urias, 53 cross deposited checks across 19 different banks to float funds so that it appeared the business was solvent.

Failed dealerships and their "car-kiting" schemes wreak ...
    FTA - Although failing to pay off the outstanding loan when required by a purchase agreement is illegal, consumer experts say prosecutors rarely charge dealers with a crime, forcing consumers to sue to get their money back. I'm not sure how the consumer is left holding the bag, if there was a legal commitment made by the dealer to assume the balance of the loan on the trade in vehicle.

Bankruptcy Fraud: Credit Card Kiting
    Credit Card Kiting & Fraud. The scenario just described is called credit card kiting. The potential problem with credit card kiting in bankruptcy is that the resulting debt may be excepted from discharge due to fraud. In plain terms, fraudulently incurred debts are not eligible for discharge in bankruptcy, and by using cash advances from one ...

What Is Title Fraud?
    A title is the legal document issued by a state department of motor vehicles that describes a vehicle by make and VIN and lists the vehicles legal owners. When that document is altered in a way misrep

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