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So warrior kiting is not only not possible, it is somehow ...
    Aug 28, 2019 · Look for the reddit thread on it or comments in the past 2 days on hamstring kiting tutorials from years ago. hamstring kiting that made warrior leveling bearable is not here anymore. Why? this uses the 7.3.5 engine. enemies act the same way in classic as they do in retail. even the infinite kiting from actual vanilla seems to be (thankfully) gone.

Classic WoW Warriors, You Need To See This (unusual and ...
    Jun 14, 2018 · Classic Warrior Leveling Guide TIPS & TRICKS for Leveling a Warrior In Classic WoW! ... Hamstring Kiting, & Talents - Duration: 24:37. Grimprospect 223,265 …

Warrior questions - [Archived] Classic Discussion - World ...
    Jun 11, 2019 · Ppl tend to overthink this stuff because their hyped for classic, and over-analyzing prior to release is a common thing. I’ve leveled a warrior twice in vanilla and I can say it’s tedious at worst, not hard. Hamstring kiting mechanic sounds exaggerated to me.

WoW Classic Warrior Starter Build and Leveling Guide - Odealo
    Learn and Master the above-mentioned Hamstring Kiting Method. It will allow you to maximize your uptime which will have a great positive effect on your leveling speed. Also, get a Swing Timer addon. Please note, that this method is not as effective on official Classic servers, but it can still be used to your advantage with some practice put ...

Shaman Earthbind Kiting - WoW Classic General Discussion ...
    Oct 18, 2019 · Hamstring kiting was never a thing. Piercing howl however is another matter. It’s a part of classic vanilla (bloody word play) tactics for razorgore, though noone actually uses it nowadays.

1-60 Shaman Leveling Guide by Kargoz -
    Earthbind Kiting. From level 6 onwards (when you get Earthbind Totem Rank 1) you can start Earthbind Kiting, using Earthbind Totem to Slow Enemies by 50% (= R3 Hamstring Warriors obtain at 54) weaving in and out of their hit box to mitigate damage. If a Mob has 2.0 Attack Speed and you have a Weapon with 3.8 = 47.4% Damage Reduction!

Piercing Howl - Spell - World of Warcraft
    -Essential to use to close in on pesky kiting *[email protected]#$%^s because of its 10 yrd radius-Best thing to use when you feel there's a rogue around you or to use against rogues that Vanish midfight-Good way to limitedly control hostile group movement In PvE:-AOE Snare effect; can be used in any direction faced to run away or close in on enemy

Hamstring Vanilla WoW Wiki Fandom
    Functionality. Hamstring is a 10 Rage skill that slows an enemy target 50%. The snare effect lasts 15 seconds and the only cooldown on the ability is the generic global cooldown, so in a PvP battle you should make sure hamstring is constantly applied, as competent PvP players move around a lot.. Talents. Improved Hamstring (Gives your Hamstring ability a chance to immobilize the target for 5 sec.)

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